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Chhavi Tyagi

digital marketer | Posted 05 Sep, 2019 |

how to start a blog?

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted 05 Sep, 2019

It’s VERY easy.

There are many ways to start a blog.

I’ll keep it very simple.

Let me divide it into three ways:

• Free

• Freemium  

• Premium


The easiest and most simple way to start a blog is simply create an account on a free blogging platform and that’s that. Start publishing and you have a fully-functional blog ready to be viewed by millions of people.


Some of the top blogging platforms are:


Go to any of these sites, create an account and voila, you have a free blog.

Your blog’s address/URL won’t be custom. It would be in a format like “”,“”, more.

These blogging platforms also come with basic free theme/theme and customization option. Pick one that suits your preference and start publishing blog posts.

(Courtesy: Blogging Joy)


Free blogging platforms offer free (non-custom) domain name and hosting.

Freemium basically means using a custom domain purchased from other website and plugging it with the free hosting the blogging platform provides you.

For example, you buy a domain name from GoDaddy and redirect it to your free hosted blog on BlogSpot.

So, you’re getting one for free and one for money, making this a freemium way to start a blog.


This would cost you money… no more than INR 6000-9000 a year in the beginning if you’re going for a good web hosting and domain company.

The whole process is simple.

You find a web hosting company and a domain service provider. (They can be the same company or different; it is recommended that they are different though.) 
You buy your domain and web hosting. You configure the DNS of your domain to redirect it to your server. (You will find many guides and tutorials on this.)

(Courtesy: Becoming Minimalist)

Now, here, you have to pick a CMS or Content Management System. This is basically software that’s installed on your server that forms the backend of your blog (from where you can easily publish content, add a theme, customize the design and do more.)

There are many CMSs out there: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Kentico and more.

WordPress is highly recommended. It’s very popular. It provides high customization option. It is free. Its community is very vibrant that can help you in any problem you face.

Install WordPress on your server (usually includes one or two clicks to do this) and that’s it.

You will be able to login to the dashboard of your website through or similar URL whose credentials (and info) you will get via emails from your web host company.

From there, install new themes, customize design and publish content – you have a fully-functional, completely yours blog.

These are three ways to start a blog.

Once your blog is up and live, start publishing content and marketing your brand.

Hope this answers your question.