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How to write a good online Article, Post or Blog?


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The first and the foremost thing that you need to know about online articles and blogs is that, they are not like the articles you write for academic or creative purpose. Think like a web user, and you’d understand very easily that most of the users online seek information more than a good read. So being a web writer, you need to operate your writing skills very differently and strategically.


Incorporating the following points may help you write detailed, substantial, informative, and SEO-friendly blogs and online articles.


The first thing that would grab the attention of the users is the title of your blog. It just does not have to be attractive and interesting, but searchable as well. Choose a simple and on-point titles so that your article is not very difficult for your users to find out. From SEO point of view, a title with trending keywords would make your blog achieve a high rank on Google and would appear in many searches as well.


After you have dwelled upon and brainstormed a good title for your blog post, your next step is the first draft. This is the rough outline that you create so that you don’t lose the track or digress from the min point in the writing process.

Your first draft usually consists of the headings under which your content would be categorized. You can do away with the heading in the final draft if you want, but sub headings make your content stronger.

Make sure all the sub headings justify your title in variety of ways and don’t seem to be something which is not related to your topic. First draft will also provide a structure to your post which is a very important aspect of any article. A well-structured article is the evidence of its high-quality.


After deciding in how many categories (or sub headings) your article is divided, research about them thoroughly. Try not to give ill-researched information which you yourself are not confident about. Your research should be such that each category justifies itself and compliments other categories of your article as well. This provides backbone, or a thread which runs through and binds your article as a whole.


This comes from the research only. Your content should be detailed, argumentative, and well-explained. There should be enough examples to engage your readers and help them relate to your postulations and theories. The content should be made rich by incorporating varying tones, sarcasm, satire, etc. Your content should be lively enough to hold on to readers till the end.


Remember that you are not writing an academic paper and readers on web are just not interested in reading heavy explanations, intelligent theories, and difficult words. They just want information and you need to figure out how to impart it in the most efficient way.

So here comes the role of info graphics, images, and audio visuals. Supporting your words with videos, audios, images, and even gifs help in building an interaction with readers and saves them from getting bored with a lot of information.

Also make sure that your content is well-loaded with searchable keywords. Beating around the bush just doesn’t work in online articles.



Remember that the first draft can never be the final draft. After you are done with researching, writing, and including multimedia, there comes the next step which is editing. To generate a high-quality content, it has to be short and crisp, because let’s deal with it, no one today has time to listen to your long sermons.

Editing and proof reading plays a very important role as in this step, you realize where are you giving extra information that is better omitted, and where are you making spelling and grammatical mistakes.

It also saves you from being repetitive as repetitions are a sign of lack of enough knowledge.


After you are done with all of the above, write a conclusion which will have an inference of what all you have put in your article. Do not forget to re visit your title in the conclusion in an indirect way to provide your article a sense of completeness and a justified closure.


Even if you are quoting from other articles and using some information from websites, these should be properly formatted, aligned, and indented, so as to plagiarism detecting tools don’t read them as plagiarized content. Plagiarism affects your article’s Google ranking and prevents you from generating a high-quality content.  


BBA in mass communication | Posted on

The first draft of any blog requires a lot of thinking because it decides the structure of your blog or article. If not structured properly, it leaves readers confused due to the lack of objectivity.

The best way to form a draft for your article is to write the title on the top and jot down all the points under the title that you want to incorporate. After you are done with this, pick out four or five broad points such that all the left out points can be discussed about the selected ones which will form the sub heading or categories of your blog.

Now give your blog a structure which will have title at the top then the five categories and all the remaining points judiciously assigned within those categories.

Now this is your first draft based on which you can start writing the article.



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