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How would You Increase Patient Engagement?


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Patient engagement is essential in the healthcare sector, especially during clinical trials, for improving outcomes, ensuring adherence to standard protocols & enhancing patient experience.

We can increase patient engagement by:

  1. Transparent communication in a clear & simple way, according to patient understanding & rationale behind medical decisions.
  2. Listening to their concerns and questions & responding to them with due respect and care.
  3. Educate them about the current status of clinical trials through patient-friendly resource materials explaining their medication & progress through self-care.
  4. Introducing them to the decentralized clinical trial platforms like Medidata, Jeeva’s Omnichannel Patient Engagement, Veeva Systems, Medrio, Medable & other platforms to inform them about the benefits they provide in the real-time scenario.
  5. Provide patients access to digital portals to navigate and switch within their previous health records, test results, and digital appointment schedules.
  6. Regular follow-ups regarding their concerns, queries & behavioral studies to understand drug effects & update them about the same.

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