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Tarun Gupta

Digital Marketing Expert | Posted 10 Oct, 2018 |

Is education better than money?

shristy singh

Blogger | Posted 11 Jan, 2019

Intriguing inquiry. I'd like to call attention to that the idea of what is vital is very unclear. Everything relies upon what you are going for. Also, I surmise that will in the end lead you to the subject of qualities, particularly the Aristotle esteem hypothesis.

Each individual has the fundamental qualities characterized in their activities, regardless of whether they don't have any acquaintance with them or name them. They can be gotten from their inspirations and objectives and how they pick their activities in various circumstances. Instances of essential qualities are for instance bravery, intelligence, love, trustworthiness, etc.

Rahul Chaudhary

@letsuser | Posted 25 Dec, 2018

instruction is more important.we can realize that the general population with high caliber of training has more satisfaction in minimum more joyful in the psychological field than that just has got cash.

having gotten education,more or less,you can discover your distinction from others.your talking,your demeanor ,your frame of mind towards to life and techniques for managing unstable things… .

cash isn't evil.we are never against money.we don't point the finger at it for anything other than ourselves.of course cash assumes a significant imperative job in our day by day life.we couldn't live without money,but please envision that you are carrying on with an existence without books,ideas and whatever other scholarly things… how dull and exhausting life it would be!

sushil seo

digital marketing | Posted 14 Nov, 2018

Education and money are equally important. Money helps in getting a stature publically but education helps in earning respect. Wealth gives you a much broader range of choices than being poor does. It opens many doors for you that would otherwise be closed, however education gives an expansive sense to battle against a hostile to social disgrace. Education is one of the one of the greatest frameworks of any nation and the entire wealthiest nation has the most astounding rate of literacy. Those countries where people are not literate are impoverished and devastated. Hence, education is essential as it paves the right path. Money cannot buy the basic principles of life. Wealth allows you to buy what you "want", but education enables you to better comprehend what you "require" to carry on better quality life.

Vasanthi Gopalan

Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted 13 Oct, 2018

  We are different people and everybody has their own views. Thanks for the reply.

Vasanthi Gopalan

Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | |Updated 12 Oct, 2018

Every human being is gifted with some talent or other. Education enhance our inborn talents and make us think and get a solution for problems. Education and success are co-related. And in everybody's mind, meaning of success is earning enormous money.

We cannot live like Stone Age humans. We need amenities, comforts, and happiness. Definitely, education alone will not fetch us all these things. But education is the path to get the financial success.

As our population is alarmingly increasing, India is not able to provide higher education to all the talented and deserving students. Seats of professional courses are limited.

Those who can clear NEET or IIT JEE, CAT can get free seats. Others who are equally talented have to pay more for management seats to get admission.

Now the trend is of going to USA or Europe for higher education. It will cost minimum 15 lakhs per year in USA. And 5-7 lakhs in Europe. If you have money then only you can afford these education.

So this is like a vicious circle. If you are educated, you can earn money. And if you have money you can get education. For the sake of argument and to impress I can say education is better than money. But in reality both are equally important and inseparable.