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Is face shaving save for female-s ?


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Face shaving is definitely a thing, yes ladies you might not know about razor’s which are specially designed to remove facial hair because this topic has never been discussed that much lately. But let me clear it out its completely fine to remove the facial hair with the help of a razor. The market is filled with different types of face razor’s but it’s very important and crucial to pick the right one, miniso have amazing range of face razor’s at an affordable price range and for more variety you can check Amazon and other online shopping website's.
There are a lot of myth's which go hand in hand when we talk about face shaving. Here I’m going to burst the bubbles and bring out the clarity to all the ladies about face shaving.
1.Painless – It is a complete pain free method of hair removal all you need to take care is about the correct technique and method. Shaving completely eliminates fuss and pain which can be caused by other methods like waxing, threading and epilators.
2.Hygienic – Face shaving is an extremely hygienic process as you can do it in the convenience of your home, you don’t need to go to parlours and salons, it’s does save time and money which makes it even impressing.
3.Hair growth- There is a myth which have been circulating for a while that after shaving the hair grows faster, coarse and thicker. Well let me tell you it’s just a myth and it’s not at all true, the hair will grow according to your hair growth and it has nothing to do with shaving. Whatever method you opt for the hair removal process the growth is going to be the same as your natural hair .
4. Smooth skin – Face shaving leads to a softer and smoother skin as it removes all the dead skin along with the hair which helps in rejuvenation of your skin. It’s leaves your skin soft and subtle until the time hair starts growing back again.
What the precautions you should always keep in mind ? Shaving is a safe and efficient way of hair removal put there are some things which you need to keep in mind while doing the whole process.
• Clean the razors after using and put it away from sunlight and air.
• Keep separate razors for your body and face.
• Make sure you apply hair removal cream or any gel ( aloe vera) while you’re are shaving or else there are chances of cuts and bruises.
• Stretch your face with the help of fingers to make the process easy and safe, glide the razor downwards while shaving.
• Clean and moisturise your face nicely after shaving.
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