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Aayushi Sharma

Content Coordinator | Posted 09 Mar, 2019 |

Is India safe for solo female Travelers?

Mary Smith

writer | Posted 02 Jan, 2020

Yes India is very safe for female travelers. I Thinks  In life, everyone has to experience solo trip. Going for a single trip to so many adventurous, fascinating makes your holiday so special. India has most great destinations for solo travel











Chitra Pandey

Travel Lover | Posted 25 Nov, 2019

Human beings have an innate desire to find out about the world. A new discovery of life begins at the end of a comfort zone. Traveling is such an experience that comes to know the prismatic diversity of a place, as well as giving innumerable lessons. Travel enriches the experience of any human being. Furthermore, this experience enables one to fall down, rise up and start a new journey in life. Both location and time play a highly important role in enriching the travel-related traveler"s experience. But sometimes the travel experience for men or women does not seem pleasant. The place you are traveling, the people you travel with, as well as the people you meet during the trip, all of them leave you enriching your experience or teaching a lesson. Supernationalism has made female solo travelers more vulnerable than male solo travelers. Along with some benefits of traveling in modern metros, many of its disadvantages also come before us. Be it stealing, flirting, staring, which makes you feel uncomfortable, vulgar comments, which pose major challenges for single female passengers during the journey. A patriarchal view of society in India - which serves to increase the risk for single women travelers in a metropolitan city or in a rural setting. Therefore, here are some useful tips for women travelers to travel safely and cherish the wonderful journey of their lives.
1. Do you search- Before traveling to any country, familiarize yourself with the state of that place, culture, language and people there, etc. which are highly mandatory to travel to those places. Tourism enhances knowledge about a state or a country, a place and a city. In this case if you travel to a country or state where a different language is spoken, you can hire a translator to meet your needs.
2. Booking- Ticket booking is an initial step for any journey. Book your ticket well in advance so that you do not face any kind of disturbances at the last minute.
Be cautious while using public transport - When you travel, vigilance should flow with your blood. Especially in India, it is really important for single women passengers to take maximum precautions when they use public transport. Thieves, eve-teasers (molesters) can take advantage of the crowd to trick you into stealing your valuable goods such as mobile phones, purses etc. Apart from this, not only in crowded places but also in deserted places, there remain centers of eve-teasers (molesters).
3. Download the route map of the place you are about to visit. Familiarize yourself with the names of many places and nearby places where you are going to travel so that you do not put yourself at any risk.
4. While traveling, it is very important to check your health and hygiene. Take your medicines and analgesics etc. during travel. It is not necessary that you eat food in dirty places. Stay hydrated during your journey When you travel, keep a water bottle with you. Inform your friends and acquaintances about your place of travel.
5. Beware of people - Unnecessary gestures can make you feel uncomfortable. But in India, single women travelers have to face all these things very much. Sometimes strangers try to show you a lot of friendship. Check out, such people. Beware of unknown people who want to be your guide.
6. If you forget your way during the journey or are misled by someone or get caught in trouble in some case, look for your nearest police station or police control room (PCR) van.
7. Keep your mobile phone, power bank, etc. close to you. Backup your data and keep a record of important documents.
8. Try to keep yourself calm among the public. When you travel, keep yourself self-confident.
9. Be careful about updating your location online when you travel. Posting a location on social media is one way you can track potential thieves to find out where you are because,
in the world of hashtags, it's hard to ignore.

Ash Ambawat

Blogger | Posted 10 Mar, 2019

This is probably one of the biggest concerns for solo female travellers in India. There’s no simple answer to this question, but in a gist: India CAN be a safe destination. As with anywhere else, one can be unlucky or in the wrong place at the wrong time. That could happen in your hometown, or in a “safe” destination in Western Europe. Factoring in luck, there’s lots you can do to help yourself stay safe. As I said above, this isn’t the kind of place where you can just wing about. Even if you opt to be kind off spontaneous, you’ll need to have some plans or  rather “rules” that you might have to stick to no matter what.

Safety Tips For Solo Female Travellers In India

Drink responsibly, one of the most important points.

When you go out, keep mobile phone charged completely, so that if you end up in a difficult situation you can call someone you trust for help. A power bank is also an excellent investment to ensure you’ll never be left without a phone.

Keep the number and address of your hostel with you. If you get lost, they can often arrange for a trusted local driver to pick you up, which is much safer than just jumping into  any random taxi.

Arrange to be get picked from the station/airport in advance. Your hostel authoritiesmight be able to help with this.

It's highly recommended to travel during the day instead of at night.

Get into the habit of regular calls with family or friends at a said time.

Trust your gut feeling.

Make sure you’re in a public place while interacting with strangers including the blind dates too.

Nothing is without risk, but with some common sense and preparation, India can be as safe as any other destination in the world for a solo female traveller.

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 09 Mar, 2019

Due to the changing societal dynamics,there is a staggering increase in the number of female travelers going at it solo.These are independent women who travel according to their whims and fancies and now constitute an enormous part of the tourists going around in Delhi.Now this idea entails a safety concern as even though some of us have gained a different outlook , most of us are still stuck with filth in our heads.Delhi isn’t really all that safe for solo women travelers which is said in the light of recent events.According to a report,recently a woman got lost searching for her way back to her hotel in Paharganj which is a really popular area as it is close to historic Old Delhi.She thought of asking for some locals for directions but little did she knew of their horrendous intentions.They lured her into a corner and assaulted her .There are innumerable events of similar kinds happening all around Delhi.Stringent actions need to be taken to ensure women’s safety , especially foreigners who walk around the city not knowing how to recognize the danger signals.We see stickers of ‘I respect women’ on the back of autos or taxis but we really need to get this imbibed in my minds or it’ll be just another futile gesture.