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Is machine learning currently overhyped?


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I don’t think it’s overhyped. It's getting just as much attention as it should, if not less.

Machine learning, in AI ecosystem, can virtually change the structure of the world.

Sure, this statement may sound a bit of exaggeration, but it’s true.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: GeeskforGeeks)

From finance to healthcare, it would change all. Earlier, it would take scientists decades and even centuries to make discoveries and inventions. Machine learning can make it so much easier, quicker and automated.

Here's the simplest example:

Imagine the foods in your fridge is getting over. When there's only one pack of the butter left inside, the fridge orders that butter for you, on your behalf, automatically. IS THAT NOT INSANE? To even think of something like this just a decade back would have been ludicrous.

Another example: you’re wearing a smart belt. You’re out at the McDonalds, about to order food. Per your waist size, and other important metrics, your belt can suggest you the right food from the menu that's ideal for your health at the moment. Pretty cool, right?

These are just fancy examples. Machine learning and AI can make much significant impact on civilization.


Poverty, for instance, has existed for centuries. And no one could figure out how to end it. We have all the data in the world, we have select leaders who are willing to end poverty, and yet we fail. Machine learning and AI can outline the most effective and effective measures of how we can achieve that.

Machine learning can also play a vital role in helping us fight mental illness much more concretely.

Does all these not credit machine learning the hype it's getting at the moment?

After printing press, television and the internet, this is one of the best things that has happened to humans. More progress in machine learning and AI means more opportunities for the future generation to live their full potential. It could lead us to utopian.

I am very excited about all that machine learning and AIpromises. I personally might not get to see it, but the future generation will do. And that's good!

(Courtesy: Delaware) 

In short, machine learning is not overhyped. It deserves all the mainstream attention that it’s getting right now. 


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