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राहुल ओबरॉय

Engineer,IBM | Updated 01 Aug, 2018 |

Is Maggie really bad for health?

Riya Sen

Blogger | Posted 04 Jun, 2019

Not at all.

Food E Crush

Food blogger, Writter | Posted 04 Jun, 2019

No. It is now scienctifically proved that Maggi is healthy food. so dont worry. Lets enjoy with Maggi.

Regards, I am a food blogger. If you have any questions Related to food then you can ask me. Food is the best medicine of a hungry person. Food E Crush.

Rajinder Singh

Owner | Posted 03 Jun, 2019

The heart wants what it wants, there’s no stopping you from really getting your maggi. If you’re a hopeless addict but you care about your health, once or twice a month is relatively okay, but once or more a week is a recipe for disaster


@lets | Posted 03 Jun, 2019

No, I don't think so Maggie is bad for us. But it is optional when you don't want to cook. We should not eat maggie daily if some people do that. We should prefer fresh salads, vegetables, oats, grain, and other low calories food. For a healthy life, we should take fresh and green vegetable food. For more information, you can visit the site.

Gaurav belwa

Blogger | Posted 11 Feb, 2019

no i don't think so 

karsoo com

Blogger | Posted 01 Feb, 2019

Obviously it's awful for wellbeing. Notwithstanding keeping aside the present debate about MSG or lead or whatever being over reasonable points of confinement, I'm astonished anybody thought Maggi was even remotely sound. Maggi as well as Top Ramen, Sunfeast Pasta, Knorr soups, and any moment nourishments.

It is handled nourishment. It's bundled, which implies it has additives. It's made of maida and has high measures of refined carbs. It has high fructose corn syrup (which is staple of most prepared nourishments). It has high measures of sugar, salt, and fat - the three addictive fixings sustenances that keep us needing to eat a greater amount of it regardless of whether not ravenous. The noodles particularly contain trans fats. It contains a gazillion fake synthetic compounds like colorants and enhancing synthetic substances (in the masala) and texturants (in the noodles) on the grounds that handled sustenances don't generally hold their normal flavors. The sustenances must be reproduced to look like characteristic nourishment, and that is done all misleadingly. To expand its time span of usability, the parts of Maggi are refined and segregated, and are deprived of fundamental supplements and strands. This not just broadens the measure of time you can keep fixed Maggi at home, it additionally makes you less full after utilization and you end up eating to an ever increasing extent. Expelling basic supplements fills you with void calories: you require less vitality to bite and swallow it, and you consume less a short time later amid processing in light of the fact that the sustenances are now separated when they enter your framework. Whenever left aside subsequent to cooking, it coagulates into a knot. Maggi could really be a main factor in causing heftiness.

mushfi parwez

Blogger | Posted 28 Jan, 2019

no, I didn't think so 

Shankar jangale

student | Posted 06 Jan, 2019

MY ANSWER IS MAINLY FOCUSED ON MSG - Since Maggi isn’t the only food item that contains it.

Monosodium Glutamate - MSG (commonly known as Ajinomoto) enhances the taste of the food.

It is not only present in Maggi but in mostly all packaged food items.

It's just that presently Maggi is in the limelight.

There is always a permitted quantity which is not allowed to be exceeded by the did companies (but they are always.. Maggi contains 6 times the lead it's permitted to )

It's present everywhere around.. Now it depends whether this topic will stretch or will Nestle be able to suppress this issue like Coca Cola did when tests prove it harmful.

Ashwani aalok

blogger | Posted 29 Dec, 2018

At the point when an organic product juice organization promotes its item by asserting it to be a 'more advantageous' choice than colas, make sure to realize that it could be similarly as unsafe. Bundled natural product juices contain a high amount of sugar, particularly fructose. Fructose must be processed in little sums by the liver and when it retains more than the ideal sum, it swings it to fat and add to insulin opposition.

Ajay Kumar

Article writer, SEO Executive | Posted 20 Dec, 2018

These sustenance things ought to be totally maintained a strategic distance from. In the event that you don't, you are taking a chance with your life to a fixing that will slaughter you gradually.

Incline toward sustenance things made at home, essentially natural and natural nourishment. I'm not saying that you ought to never eat these items.You can make every one of these things at home without the utilization of this unsafe MSG.

In the wake of knowing this, I'm almost certain that you will maintain a strategic distance from a wide range of instant sustenance things. Not totally, but rather still you will attempt.