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Avinash Malik

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Is Nupur Sharma right on her remarks about Prophet Muhammad?


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Nupur Sharma is a BJP spokesperson who recently made a controversial comment on Prophet Muhammad. This comment on Prophet Muhammad by Nupur Sharma results in a chaotic situation all over India. Her remarks made the entire Muslim community turn against the Hindu community and take serious actions against all the Hindus. After the comments, made by her she was suspended by BJP.


Not only Nupur Sharma, but also Naveen Kumar Jindal, head of BJP’s media unit in Delhi was also suspended from the party as he has also retweeted the screenshot of one of her comments. Now, different people have different opinions on Nupur Sharma’s controversial remark. It is Right to Speech and everyone can give their own opinion.


Some people think that religious equality is very important and all religions should be treated and importance should be given equally, and that’s why those people think that Nupur Sharma’s comment was not right.


And there are many, who feel that what Nupur Sharma said was right and not baseless. What she said was according to what she got knew from research on Prophet Muhammad. She has not made her own and commented about Prophet Muhammad.

Though she has apologized for her mistake the whole Islamic community is not convinced by her apology. Muslims criticized Lord Shiva and in reply, Nupur Sharma criticized Prophet Muhammad for marrying a 6-year-old girl when he was 60 years.


Nupur Sharma just said what was mentioned in the Quran but the Islamic community is ignorant of this fact and is not ready to hear any explanation. They are just in a state to take revenge which created a chaotic and disturbing situation all around.


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