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Aditya Singla

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Is Ronaldo the best athlete in football history?


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Messi fans would not be very happy with your question. There is no doubt that Leo is the best natural player that the sport of soccer currently has.

The fact, however, that Ronaldo has seasoned himself to be the best, and to keep up with Messi is also undeniable.

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 “He invested in himself to become the best in the world", says his former Manchester United teammate Rio Ferdinand. (Source: He has turned 34 now and is still as fit as the young football players. He is even the epitome of fitness for them.

His former, as well as his current club authorities revel in the fact that the Juve star is thoroughly dedicated in his sport like no athlete ever has. The Portugal footballer is famous for his physical capacity of a 20-year-old player, his 7% of body mass, and 50% of muscle mass.

So, the fact is he is making that kind of efforts to keep himself in the Messi-league, and we have to give him credits for his own self-creation.

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“I don’t compete against Messi. I compete against myself. I like to focus on myself. I am more concerned with my own game than I am on rivals,” speaks he like a true sportsperson. (Source:

The best thing about him is that he is aware of what makes him different from all his colleagues.
“I'm here because it's a very big challenge in my career. At my age, players usually go to China. I'm different from everyone else, from all the players who are 32, 33 or 34 years old.”

His confidence is something that completes his stardom as what you are calling the “best athlete in football history”.

I myself admire him for his devotion and his sense of awareness about his own position in the sport universally.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one footballer who has won almost all football trophies.

The list is very long and includes 5 Ballon D’Or, 5 UEFA Best Player, 4 FIFA Club World Cup, 1 European Championship, 5 Champions League, 3 UEFA Supercup, 1 Portuguese Super Cup, 3 Premier League, 1 English FA Cup, 2 English League Cup, 2 English Super Cup, 2 La Liga, 2 Spanish Cup, 2 Spanish Super Cup, and 1 Italian Cup. (Source:

cristiano-ronaldo-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: FOX Sports Asia)

He has been his former club, Real Madrid’s, record scorer with 450 goals and he is the top-scorer in Champion’s League with 121 goals.

Ronaldo’s star value is so much that he bagged 100 Million Euros for his transfer from Real Madrid to

Juventus –a price tag which is not usual to bag at the age of 33. Today, his total transfer fee is 221 Million Euros.


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