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Nikhil Shastri

@Nikhil | Posted 17 Apr, 2019 |

Love problem solution??

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astrologer | Posted 03 May, 2019

Thanks for Solution

Aayushi Sharma

Content Coordinator | Posted 19 Apr, 2019

If you are thinking of going to some love problems specialist, then, first of all, please know that no one knows about your love, your lover, and your feelings better than yourself. It’s you within whom the solution of all your love problems lies.

What you need to do first of all is to recognize your problems and then work towards solving them. Most of the problems that mature lovers find themselves into include miscommunication, physical and emotional dissatisfaction, conflicts related to families and financial status, and so on.

Following are some solutions for all these problems.

1. Communicate. It is the most essential thing you can do to sustain your love relationship. Don’t use your mobile phone when you are with your partner and whenever you speak to them, look into their eyes. Whatever you are feeling, whether it is good or bad, tell it to your partner. Remember that if you are not expressing, you are not loving.

2. Go to public places together. This will help you learn how to love and communicate in silence as you cannot be as loud or touchy as you are in private. It will teach you to communicate and connect with each other on an internal level.

3. Work on your body language. When you are with your partner, don’t be very stiff and try to exhibit all you feel with your body language.

4. Do not give up on sex. Sex is something which activates your hormones and rejuvenates the feelings for each other, letting you forget all the conflicts. Regular sex can solve many problems.
5. Many dissatisfactions occur because of the difference in the financial status of the two partners. This won’t happen if you are clear about your financial situation right from the start.

6. You should prioritize all your goals and motives in life, giving love also a number in your priority list. It’s not important to give it the first place, which is important to treat it like a priority, and not something which is taken for granted.

7. Divide all the responsibilities and duties equally among yourselves. Sometimes these also tend to come in between the two lovers.