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Viru Prakash

SEO analyst | Updated 25 Apr, 2019 |

why chocolate is associated with love

Mayank Gupta

@Mayank | Posted 28 Apr, 2019

We often see couples gifting chocolates each other in special occasions as well as without occasion. Gifting chocolates to your love partner is considered as a sign of love. Oftenly chocolates and love are considered as inseparable that is if you want to show your love to other gift them a chocolate. Every year you see life partners and couples gifting each other chocolates on Valentines day. But have you ever wonder why? 

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The simple reason which everybody thinks is chocolate is a thing which is liked commonly by the others. Everybody eats chocolates and nobody would refuse a chocolate. But the reason why chocolate is associated with love is due to the reason stated as:

Chocolates have some substance or a natural property in it which increases the libido in a human body. Libido is a sexual drive of a person. It is the dinner drive to indulge in sexual activities. It is influenced by biological, social and personal factors. 

Eating chocolates increase the libido in the body and thus the sexual drive. Often sex and love are corelated , which actually is not the case. Though sex is also a basic need as per the Maslow Need Theory under which sex is labelled under Basic Physiological Need of a human ie home, food, shelter health and education.  

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This is the only reason I know why chocolate is considered to be a symbol of love and why on Valentines day everyone is gifted chocolates.