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My colleagues tell me things I don’t like How do I manage emotions at work?


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If your colleagues pass sexually charged comments or gesture, complain to your HR department. The "comments or gesture" here could be anything that makes you uncomfortable.

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Complain to your Human Resource. If they don’t have the decency to behave themselves at the workplace, there's no point of talking to them directly (unless you reciprocate to their attempts with similar attitude). Talk to your HR.

In India, sadly, in the private sector, even in big companies, a strong HR department is as good as non-existent. So, if you don't think the HR is taking appropriate action on your complaint, take the matter to the higher executives (Manager, CEO, Founder). Tell them about this. Hopefully, they would take the right action.

In case, if what your colleagues tell you make you feel unsafe about your personal safety, do not even bother about the internal probe. Take the issue directly to the police. Inform about this even to your family. It's something serious and must be picked with complete urgency. Hoping that "it would be better tomorrow" or "it won’t happen again" is NOT a solution. You're only leaving yourself vulnerable. Take immediate action.

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Coming to other parts…

Here are some of the other possible things that your colleagues might tell you or do, in one way or other, that you don’t like:

· 'You're not good at your work.'
· 'You’re poor.'
· 'You look bad.'
· Making jokes on you all the time.
· Being rude to you.
· Giving you too much work and not working themselves.

Or anything else that doesn’t make you feel good.

In any of these case, talk to that colleague directly. Be blunt and open. Tell her/him that you don’t appreciate such comments, expressions or gesture. And ask them to stop.

Hopefully, if they are sane headed, they would stop.

But if they don't, stop hanging out with them. Don’t mingle with your colleagues. Don't talk to them unless it's work related. YOU DON'T HAVE TO. You go to the office to work. Find bliss in your work and then return back home. Love your job. You don’t need anyone to make you feel good at the workplace. Period. Be yourself. Be self-sufficient. You don’t need such negative, ***** bags with you.

At the workplace, where you're likely spending the best part of your days, you must feel safe and comfortable. Don't take sh#ts from anyone. If there's something you don’t like, take the right action. Inform your boss in front of them and they will be scared of you forever. Don't hold negativity to yourself. Speak up! Say it loud and clear. You have equal rights.

Hope this answer helps. Good luck! :)


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