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Best Minerals and Vitamins for Acne Prone Skin


There is hardly any adolescent who does not wake up to wonder about the ways to get rid of acne. No individual wants to live with red, painful skin but there is also no denying that the occurrence of a crop of annoying spots on your skin is almost inevitable. The presence of acne can be attributed to several reasons. Once an individual is aware of the root, the treatment and control process becomes a lot better.

There are several people who prefer to opt for the drugs prescribed by a dermatologist. We won’t say these prescriptions are useless, but the best way to deal with obstinate pimples is to negate its cause and resort to natural methods of prevention.

What Are The Causes Of Stubborn Acne?

Acne occurs when the skin begins to produce more oil than it usually does. This situation leads to blockage of pores which ultimately follows skin allergies and bothersome breakouts.

While the primary cause of acne occurrence happens to be hormonal imbalance, it is not limited to a weakened immune system.

Another one could be the inadequacy of an array of skin enrichment nutrients. Either a person can consume these essentials in the form of natural foods, or he may even look out for supplements that boast of containing these vitamins for skin acne.

A person who keeps spotting zits is more likely to undermine himself based on his appearance. This emotional discomfort can be a lot more disturbing than the physical trouble caused by skin inflammation.

List Of Vitamins And Minerals That Help You Get Rid Of Acne Successfully

Believe it or not, more than half of skin issues can be countered by inducing the right combination of vitamins in your diet!

For all those who are new to this approach, here is a compiled list of vitamins for acne-prone skin:


Zinc is an excellent mineral known to decrease the production of oil in the skin. It can be taken either as an oral supplement or as a topical treatment. Zinc promotes cell division and fosters the occurrence of new and clear skin. However, high intakes of the mineral can be severely harmful to the functioning of different systems.


Vitamin C neutralizes free radical damage and promotes healthier skin by lowering the instances of occurrence of acne. It impedes the loosening elasticity and has emerged out to be a significant ingredient in the formulation of acne-treatment serums.


No skin infection cannot be treated by substantially increasing Vitamin A intake in your diet. Vitamin A, in addition to its derivatives, influences the skin to be firm and acne-free. Including greens and dairy products in your food consumption routine prevents the skin from sticking and hence, the zits.


Magnesium works inside out to reduce area-specific lesions. By obstructing the stress hormone, this mineral intrudes on the inflammatory effects of acne breakouts.


Vitamin D is one of the most useful vitamins for acne-prone skin since it promotes healthy aging. Studies validate that people with acne are Vitamin D deficient. Thus, if you do not consume sufficient fortified foods and mushrooms, it is the time to start.