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Rubina Writes

With the knowledge and experience across a wide range of topics Ive created this blog to share my ideas thoughts suggestions and much more about anything and everything that holds meaning to me .

Rubina S

@ Blogger | Posted 03 Jun, 2019 | Entertainment / Lifestyle

Posted By: Rubina S (Posted 20 Nov, 2019)

5 Trendy Hairstyles for Men’s Hair Systems

Male baldness is not a major concern given the score of technically-advanced hair growth systems available today. The non-surgical hair replacement men's hair system is both functional and safe to ensure a viable solution for hair loss. The system uses membrane bases from any other part of the …

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Posted By: Rubina S (Posted 15 Nov, 2019)

Best Minerals and Vitamins for Acne Prone Skin

There is hardly any adolescent who does not wake up to wonder about the ways to get rid of acne. No individual wants to live with red, painful skin but there is also no denying that the occurrence of a crop of annoying spots on your skin is almost inevitable. The presence of acne can be attributed …

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Sulekha Holidays

thanks for sharing. very informative post..