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Lina Carner

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Signs Your Boss Is A Weak Manager


Great leaders know when to step aside and give way for their subordinates. The image of leader is perceived deep in our thoughts as the one who is shouting at the employees all the time and never doing any work themselves. And also the leaders/bosses think that their job is to tell people what to do. But actually if one is a great leader he will fight for his team and will make every effort to the success of his team.

Competition is the only driving force in the millennium in every business. In order to succeed every businessman and employees have to run head over heels for the success/profit. Success will follow only if you finish your job well in time and the end product should be better than others in the market. It is the main responsibility of the bosses to help their employees to give support and work out methods for finishing the targets.

But every boss may not be a successful manager. He may take his seat under his pant seriously and give torture to his team members instead of supporting them. Most of the bosses exert power over their workers rather than guiding them. These behaviours of the unprofessional bosses make the employees’ life difficult both in the office and at home. Let us analyse some of the signs of bad boss.

Signs Your Boss Is A Weak Manager

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➔ The bad boss knows only to give orders. Anyone can give orders but only a sensible leader can take the lead and workout the method to finish the job and give the responsibility of finishing it to his associates.

➔ Trust is the main ingredient in a relation between a boss and the employees. The unprofessional boss will never trust anyone.

➔ Confidence should be the main characteristic of a successful leader. But in the case of weak boss he will neither have confidence in his own thinking nor will have confidence in his team members’ capabilities.

➔ The bad boss will use fear as a weapon to achieve his goal. He will threaten his associates of job security and suspensions. One can never bring out the best of oneself in he/she is under mental pressure. So if the weak boss is keeping the employees under job insecurity he will never achieve success.

➔ The unprofessional bosses will think that they know everything. They will not give an ear to his sub-ordinate's suggestion.

➔ The weak boss will never like the disagreement. It is always ‘my way or high way’ ‘take it or leave’ approach only. For them disagreement is a conflict and will take it personally rather professionally.

➔ Unprofessional boss will never inspire people with their own talent. He won’t be an example for others. He knows only to give orders and shout at others.

➔ One of the signs of a weak managers is nervousness when they have to face crisis suddenly. Alone they can not face the pressure of a crisis and in turn disowns their responsibility and burden others with more works.

➔ Another sign of a bad boss is, he will never tell you what you have to do, instead will criticise you if you do it wrong.

➔ Weak boss will never accepts change. He will be in tension if there is change in methodology in working environment.

➔ Bad boss will threaten those workers who speak against them. Criticism is not acceptable in their reign.

Weak managers are very afraid inside and you can feel it when you confront them personally. Instead of leading the team with courage and intelligent these unprofessional manager will pay way for the failure and unhappiness inside the organisation. If you come across these bosses, never blame yourselves for the team’s non-achievement. Instead it is the bad boss who is not a good manager.