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Lina Carner

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How to Professionally Deal With a Bad Boss


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Managers are usually referred as damagers in social media. That much impact they made in employees life. The complaints against one’s boss is a long list. He/she is intrusive, controlling, irritating, ordering, bullying... It is not easy to satisfy anybody’s manager or boss. So better we can find some ways to deal with them professionally.  

Control him when he yell at you for the fist time itself. If you don’t stop him at first, it may become a habit and you may also get used to it.

Be specific about your need and resources of the job given to you. Ask your boss clearly what he wants and tell him what you need to finish the job.

You should go one step ahead of your boss. Find his next job for you and prepare the initial works even before his order. That way you can finish the job soon.

If your boss is making frowning face when you are leaving on time before finishing the work, then come early or finish the work in lunch time. And make the boss and your team aware of your schedule. That way there won’t by any hush hush when you leave the office on time.

Sometimes the boss asks your opinion on some business matters but never give a try to your ideas. If this is happening to you, try to give your ideas through emails and send a copy to your superiors also. Even if they don’t follow your ideas you will be noticed for your involvement in the project.

You can directly talk with your boss about his behaviour and its impact on your work. Ask him to behave properly. Every problem can be solved in a democratic way. Start with a casual talk and explain him about his cruelness.

Engage yourself with your friends and colleagues at your office. Try to forget the boss and enjoy your stay with them.

If it is affecting your health get the help of your office HR people and try to get a transfer or some solution to your problem.

Don’t carry work problems to your home. Do some yogas and exercise to get your stress relieved.
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