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Ramesh Kumar

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Stages of Research in Information Technology


I believe every other human being knows the very best outcome of information technology. Information Technology, in other words, is the outstanding sense of innovation in the world, and this varies from the angle of application from one area to another. Information Technology is, in other words, making day-to-day life simpler, better, and easier, and this gets seen through various innovations like innovations of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and pods. Engineers desire to use Information Technology in multiple areas of their study but first, what are some of the stages of

Stages of Research in Information Technology

Information Technology?

The Research Stage.

Certain times, students who know information technology get to such a stage or moment where one has to choose a topic and research thoroughly about it before they can advance in whatever they are doing.

Most people think theoretical and broader essays are better for them. Still, in a real sense, information Technology essays need you to express your opinion about something like their Laptops or even the iOS system so that your paper or work is credible.

According to writerformypape , one most important thing is that your work needs to get backed up with credible sources, so your work is not vague and not considered a waste of time and resources.

Most of the credible sources include Google, Google Books, and many more that give you a background check on your writing.

The Writing Stage.

This information technology essay gets written way similar to all other essays that one can think of writing. There is an introductory part, the details or body, and then finally a conclusive or ending part, and these get sorted between an arguing and persuading paper, which is so because each of the above ways or methods or formats comes with its demands and way of writing. Acronyms, slangs, and language are at the forefront, which means one needs to write them in full the first time they are adopting to use them as E-mail stands for electronic mail. Borrowing a leaf from personal opinions is highly rewarded because one gets vast information from different angles.

The Introduction

The introduction includes a brief opening remark and a recap of what one is writing about. These opening remarks should be attention-capturing and brief as one briefs the audience on what they are writing about. One should be persuasive enough to ensure that all the possible marks are his or hers.

The Body.

In the body, the writer’s message is getting read and known. The writer’s opinions are getting clearer and expressed for understanding as evidence is being portrayed from either literature or any other sources. As one gets to write about information technology, he or she must be knowing the pros and cons of the information technology itself.

The Conclusive part

In this, the writer gets to rest his case in a well-written and explained manner that’s portrayed in the last paragraph. It helps the student get more marks and close the essay. In this sector, no new arguments should get raised, and there is no space to explain furthermore.

Reference and Bibliography

Most people think this part is negligible, but instead, it turns out that this part is pivotal because it portrays all the sites one used to get his work and credit one’s essay.


In a blink of an eye, information technology is more pro than con, and the way one puts down his or her findings in writing, the merrier, better essays get better marks.