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What is the future of Information Technology?


Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted on

Information technology will never lose its sheen in the future. You can see the only handful of youth who are not having smartphones nowadays. That itself is proof that information technology will stay here forever.


From radio to television and from desktop to tablet, we saw a massive transformation in communication technology. Communication is not possible without IT. So it will be there in the future also.

One can not think of any industry which is not getting support from the IT industry. For example, government, defence, banking sector, education, travel, media... you pinpoint any industry, and they can not survive without the IT industry. Even it will be impossible for them to manage without the internet for a day.

E-commerce is a new way of shopping these days. Their business is entirely running with the help of Information Technology only. Online transactions are possible with the IT industry only.

Paying the bill and sending money with the help of just our finger-tip is only possible due to information technology. The use of online transaction will see upper trend only. So there is no question of fade out of the IT industry.

Due to the development in machine learning and robotic science, later in this century, there may be less demand for humans in the information technology industry. But this will not happen soon.