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Top 7 Best Venue Booking Websites in India 


Selecting the perfect venue for an event is a frustrating and tiring task involving a lot of searching that goes on for days across the city and then narrowing down the selected list based on the different parameters like price, location, services, facilities, and more. Thanks to the social venue booking websites, which made the entire searching process so easy and resourceful, you can book a perfect venue of choice while sitting at your home. 

But now at present, there are numerous websites or platforms available to book a venue. Some websites may not so reliable though are listed on the top whereas some are so informative and seamless that provide you with all the practical details like capacity, location, and layout to do our search better and optimized. So, choosing the most reliable and trustable website which will let you know the best available deals based on your chosen criteria, is quite difficult.

What if the best venue booking websites are given to you on a platter? Here, we curated a list of some notable websites for venue booking with different parameters based on your preferences, needs, and budgets to find the perfect fit venue for the various types of events-custom to your needs. Their comparing prices features and numerous reviews will let you analyze and ultimately help you in deciding well-suited property for you.


Top 7 Best Venue Booking Websites in India 

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  • Booking, also called Online Travel Agency (OTA), is the mother of all booking sites and is known for its significant market share. Based in Amsterdam, is a leader in the travel industry since2005 with the tagline “The World’s #1 Choice for Booking Accommodations.” This world’s most popular hotel reservation app has around 28,425,726 listings in 148,470 destinations across 228 countries and territories worldwide with 41 languages. And, more than 1,550,000 room nights are reserved here every day. The website is now not limited to just lodging reservations but also offers various vacation packages, car, and taxi rentals, and even flight booking. Their lowest rates policy and verified reviews allow you to book thousands of accommodations ranging from camping to 5 Star luxury hotels.


  • TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a very well-known and one of the best booking websites to get the best deals. Earlier, it was just a hotel review website but now over time a lot of features has added like price comparison, a “click to book” button, location, and more. Now users can easily get the best and lowest banquets, hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruises, and great destinations everywhere in the world by comparing prices and their services and facilities. Based on your location, it would also show some nearest and best recommendations. You can easily rely on this site as hundreds of reviews are available there along with photos and videos. 


  • Sloshout

Sloshout is the most popular and powerful single-stop venue booking website for organizing any birthday bash, wedding, or any other event in India. Its mobile app is free to install for users. The site is very handy to use and has a very smooth functioning that does not require any technical knowledge from its clients. It ensures you a hassle-free booking. Sloshout is known for its authentic services and trustworthy party venues that delightedly offer various discounts and offers to their clients. The website has a unique approach to payment options as making payments with sloshout is very flexible that provides you an option to pay the check once you check out from the party. So, just leave your all worries and go ahead with Slashout to book banquet halls in Delhi NCR or any other location across the country. It would definitely surpass your expectations with its fast and clear performance.


  • Trivago

Trivago, owned by Expedia, is another powerful global hotel booking website that allows its users to compare venue prices for 1.3 million venues across 190 countries. Its search robots automatically take hotel reviews from other booking websites, which further contributes to an overall rating score for each hotel. So, it’s very easy for users to find the best deal quickly.



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  • Urban Restro

Urban Restro is one of the leading platforms for venue booking in India for an array of events ranging from weddings, and cocktail parties to corporate conferences. Presently, they are operating in 3 big cities – Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Pune with over 165 restaurants. A very good user experience and visual appeal are their USP. They are the only ones to allow you to search and make free reservations for major events with a click of a mouse. They also offer various worthy discounts even during peak hours. They are present on social media channels and have started conducting food workshops & festivals across the city to promote their website. Hopefully, they may have expansion plans in near future.


  • Agoda

Agoda particularly deals with online hotel booking services in the Asian market though now over time it has also grown in the US market. If you are looking exclusively for a hotel, then this is one of the best platforms to find the best deals at the lowest price. The best part is that it offers secret deals with huge discounts, sometimes it may be up to 4% when you finally book a hotel for your stay. 


  • Hotels

Last but not least is also a popular venue booking website that is user-friendly, quick to navigate, and easy to understand. It has listed a wide range of properties including castles, condo hotels, hotels, vacation rentals, B&Bs, and more with very cheap prices and discounts. Its filter option allows you to search family-friendly properties or by amenities such as pools, childcare, cribs, bathtubs, and the capacity of a particular hotel room type. You can also find a hotel with competitive prices that offers a free cancellation. So, next time whenever you are hunting for the best venue booking, that may be wedding halls in Delhi or resorts or farmhouses in Gurgaon, for any type of function or event, go ahead with these venue booking websites without any uncertainty. It would ultimately save your time and energy and also provide you with unlimited options side by side that too within your budget.


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