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Dr. Supreena Narayanan

Content writer | Posted on | science-technology

What is SEO Virtual Assistants Can You Do to Improve Your Company?


Many business owners have different opinions about the three letters "SEO." Some think SEO is easy enough to handle by themselves in only a few hours per week. Others are intimidated by the terms used in marketing, technical terminology and a myriad of best practices that shift every couple of years and sometimes dramatically.

The reality is that SEO isn't easy; however, it's not something to be afraid of. If you're an e-commerce business that is a small or new venture, you're not likely to get results that are satisfactory if you attempt to handle SEO by yourself, using the suggestions you find on the web. However, you are in the ideal position to engage an SEO expert virtual assistant.

What is SEO Virtual Assistants Can You Do to Improve Your Company?

What is SEO, and Why Is It Important?

SEO is a term employed to explain the expression "search engine optimization. SEO refers to everything you do to improve your positions in search results. This aspect is significant because the first page of the results of a search receives nearly 30% of the clicks. The second one is just less than 16 percent, and the proportion of clicks decreases with each position. Thus, the further you appear in the search results, the less likely it is that a person will come to your website. Also, the chances to attract leads and customers typically depend on SEO.

Furthermore, it's not enough to achieve a high rank and not attract the right customers. It's about choosing keywords that appeal to your intended group and keeping them on your website by providing appropriate content and an enjoyable experience. Again, a professional in SEO can assist you with this.

What is the definition of an SEO virtual Assistant?

The use of a virtual assistant for SEO is a cost-effective and flexible solution that is affordable and scalable. In addition, your VA will know the difficulties faced by businesses similar to yours and work with you to create strategies that allow you to compete against companies of any size.

The virtual assistants used for SEO perform all the tasks needed to improve your search engine ranking. They fall into two categories: on-site SEO and offsite SEO.

On-site SEO

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The name itself suggests that SEO on the internet is what happens within your site. The majority of people think of on-site SEO as adding keywords to your content. While this is a part of the process, there's a lot more to SEO on the internet.

Keyword Research

Before you can add keywords to your content, you must be aware of the keywords you should use. Your VA will help you determine this by conducting keyword research. In addition, you'll have to supply your virtual assistant with details about your personas for buyers to ensure that the key phrases encompass all kinds of search behaviour for your prospective customers.

The possibilities for keywords are virtually limitless. Your VA will narrow the search to only top-quality keywords that can bring the most relevant users. In the same way, your virtual assistant will stay clear of words that are extremely specific to prevent a potential target audience that isn't sufficiently.

Usability and UX

Search engines also consider the user experience and usability when determining the ranking of a website. To convince Google that users enjoy visiting your site, it is essential to provide quality content that keeps visitors staying on your website to the maximum extent is possible and encourages them to return to several pages. An SEO virtual assistant can make modifications to your site to ensure this happens by improving layout and navigation and speed of loading and ensuring that your site is working properly on all kinds of devices and sizes.

Site Structure

To maintain the structure of your site, Your VA will arrange the pages on your site in an organized hierarchy and divide them into categories. This aspect assists users in navigating your site, makes sure that they get the information they need, and keeps them staying on your website for longer. Additionally, the structure of your site is important to search engines. It informs search engines what your website is about and shows what pages related to similar subjects are most relevant (and thus should get the top ranking).


Certain SEO on the internet is not visible to the user. For example, the metadata that is part of HTML on websites is helpful for search engines to comprehend the contents of the pages. Your VA will ensure that each website has the necessary meta tags like the meta content-type and meta description, title and viewport. If your site is older than fifteen years old, then it might still contain meta tags that aren't any more required, but they are taking up space. The SEO digital assistant can get rid of the meta tags.

Content Optimization

If you've created your web content without the help of an SEO specialist, It will require optimization. Your VA will review your website content to ensure that pages include keywords and are properly formatted with metadata. Your VA will also include both outbound and inbound links and could alter the headers of H1 to increase click-through rates. In addition, your virtual assistant will review the content to ensure it appeals to your targeted audience (as opposed to the general audience).

Canonical Links

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Sometimes, it's sensible to put the same information on multiple pages. The issue is that the search engine marks these pages as having duplicate content (even when it's just one section or a page) that negatively impacts your site's rankings. An SEO virtual assistant will look for duplicate content and add canonical links to less important pages. This factor means that search engines only will index your primary page, which increases SEO for all your websites.