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Where to get Best Street Food in Dwarka


Dwarka is a sub-city located in the western part of Delhi, and is still on its developing stage. There’s still a long way to go before Dwarka comes in the list of the likes of Gurgaon or Noida.

Despite everything though, the fact that Dwarka is one of the most preferred hang-out adda for youngsters residing in and around Delhi, just can’t be neglected. It may be lacking in big and good malls and Dwarkawalas may still be going to Janak Puri to watch movies due to the absence of theaters here, one thing that the sub-city can pride itself over is the street food it serves.

Dwarka is past the stage of Subways, Mc’Ds, and Domino’s, and is now hosting a plethora of street food joints and stalls. Be it Bengali Puchkas, Chicken Biryani, Shawarmas, or Momos, you can get anything and everything on the street of this sub-city.

The street food game here is so strong that you need to ask yourself: if you are a foodie and have not tried Dwarka’s street food, are you even a foodie?

Well, well, even if you haven’t, tell yourself, “better late than never!”

Here is your guide to the street food pilgrimage on the streets of Dwarka.

1. Kitchen Caboodle

Better known as KC, this food joint serves the best momos in whole Dwarka. Its specialty is Tandoori Momos, which are no less than finger licki’n good!

Situated in Sector-7, Ramphal Chowk, KC is the party point for the youngsters of all classes and evenings around KC are all about music, good food, and the delicious aroma perpetually hanging in the air. KC brightens up the whole street on which it is located.

Where to get Best Street Food in Dwarka

2. Pakoda Stall of Heer Singh

It is the “shaan” of Sector-6 market. You can see everyone, young and old, digging into delicious pakodas with spicy chutney and tea, especially in the winters. The variety of pakodas here is as great as the taste. From aloo, gobhi, and mirchi, to pyaaz and palak, you can get all kind of drool-worthy fritters here, that too very hygienic.

With all these perks, you can have a stomachful meal here only at Rs. 40.

3. Fingerlickerz

Located in Sector-11, it is no less than a paradise for those who like to enjoy every kind of food, because this joint offers a huge variety of dishes. You name it, you get it.

You have Thalis here, and Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Kulcha Naan, or any Indian street food dish that may be coming in your mind right now, and with every dish, come a lot of options.

You can also satisfy your craving for desserts here, like Faluda Kulfi, Jalebi, or well.. whatever you want to have.

So your food pilgrimage would be incomplete without visiting this food joint.

4. Uncle Chicken Shawarma

‘Cause what kind of foodie is not a Shawarma lover? And Dwarka’s street food takes care of everyone’s preferences. Located in Sector-10, is Uncle Chicken Shawarma, which is nothing but happiness wrapped in tortillas. These oh-so-yum wraps of meat, mayonnaise, and great spice combination will have your heart and soul in just 200 bucks for two.

5. Pizza Omelet stall at Sector-7, Ramphal Chowk

Think that Pizza is not a street food? Well, the street food in Dwraka is breaking all the rules, and for good. Pizza Omelet is a specialty of Ramphal Chowk and a must-have. The pizza-like made omelets you get here are worth the money they charge for it. For 120 bucks for two, you can have your fill.

6. China Town

For your Chinese food cravings at an affordable price, no place is better than China Town, which really is like a whole Chinese food extravaganza on four wheels. This Chinese and Tibetan food cart serves most delectable noodles and Manchurian. Spring Rolls here are drool-worthy, and Chili Potato, extraordinary.

7. Puchka at Sector-10

Delhi is already famous for its spicy Gol gappas, but Kolkata Puchkas have no rival. Here’s where Dwarka has an edge over the rest of Delhi. In sector-10, you can find this guy from Siliguri who sells the authentic Bengali Puchkas, just like you would find in Kolkata. Bless this sub city that you don’t have to go all the way to CR Park to have these delicious Puchkas with spicy green chili water.

So if you are ever searching for a good hang out place with amazing street food, don’t forget to keep Dwarka at the top of all the options!

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