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Which is the better city for job seekers: Noida or Gurgaon?

Blog: Which Is Better Noida Or Gurgaon

Sandeep Singh

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Away just 54km from each other, many jobseekers from across the country don’t make much of a difference between Noida and Gurgaon. (At places, that’s half the distance people cover every day to get clean drinking water btw.)

However, while it should usually take about 80-90 minutes to cover that distance, stampeding traffic stretches that journey into at least 3 hours. This is why people looking for jobs in the heart of the country must be clear as to which city homes more opportunities and would be ideal for them economically and health-wise.

Of course, when it comes to the centric question – where to look for jobs: Noida or Gurgaon (Gurugram) – there is no right answer. Both the cities are the hubs of small and large companies, touting a number of startups. And given they both are very close to New Delhi, within NCR region, there exist aplenty of similarities in culture, living conditions, expense and more.

So, if you’re willing to migrate to either of the city from any part of the country, your decision will likely depend on your own needs, requirements, goals, and preferences.

But that being said, without being vaguer, here are tips that will help you decide between the two:

1. Say “NO” to both

That’s right. Instead of Noida and Gurgaon, go to New Delhi. The capital of the country, it definitely has more opportunities for just about everyone. You can easily find a decent job there. And when you do, it’s best to live as close to your workplace as possible. You don’t want to spend hours every day traveling. (Also, it’s not economical!) In short, for job seekers, the foremost consideration should be New Delhi.

2. What kind of jobs are you looking for?

Gurgaon or Gurugram homes a large number of IT companies. The infrastructure, there, is also much better, which effectively support the manufacturing industries, as well as a diverse range of businesses. But then this doesn’t mean you cannot find a good job in Noida. A lot depends on your own interest, career paths, and needs. So, factor what you want in the first place. Once you’re clear on that, browse through the job websites to see which city is ideal for you.

3. Cost of living

Gurgaon is much costlier than Noida. Period. Unless you’re from a well-to-do family, you cannot imagine renting an entire flat. Even nice PGs will be expensive, starting from INR 9,000. On the contrary, rents are affordable in Noida. (Not cheap, but affordable.) You can get a studio apartment at INR 7,000. The monthly rent of a PG could be around INR 5,000. So, which city is good for you, it also depends on the kind of living you can afford.

4. The condition of living

Okay, this is for those who are more responsive to luxury. Unsurprisingly, since costlier, living in Gurgaon is also much comfortable. One of the best things about the city, as compared to Noida, is a sufficient supply of water; Noida is bad when it comes to water. Electricity supply, transportation, nightlife, entertainment avenue—Gurgaon trades much better in all these areas. So, if you want a better living condition, you know which city to choose.

5. Do you have respiratory problems?

This has become too big of a problem to not consider when moving cities. Although the whole NCR region struggles with poor air quality, when it comes to comparing Gurgaon and Noida, the latter one trades better. Gurgaon is much more polluted, in part, due to its close proximity to Haryana, where Crop burning is still a menace. So, if you have any kind of respiratory disease – from asthma to bronchitis to Hypoxemia – you’re better off choosing Noida over Gurgaon.

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