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Why Digital Marketing Course is Important?


In today’s world when everything is getting digitized, all of us will agree to the fact that online marketing is growing. Within a short span of time, digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing and has expanded from simply a trend to a vital influence. There was a time when digital marketing courses were considered as simply modules among the various marketing courses, but now the scenario is changed. It is noted that in both academic and professional curriculums, an online marketing course is a standalone subject.

Why Digital Marketing Course is Important?

As a digital marketing training institute, we have been asked several questions. Few of the questions that are more frequently asked are:

1) I am a marketing professional. So, will a digital marketing training course help me in my career growth?

2) I am a sales professional. Can I build a career in digital marketing?

3) I am a student. What are the job opportunities in digital marketing? What is the eligibility criteria for a digital marketing course?

4) I am an entrepreneur. Can I grow my business myself by learning digital marketing?

Learning digital marketing is helpful for all the above-mentioned profiles. Read on to find out how:

A) For marketing professionals:

Digital marketing plays a vital role in every field of marketing like media and communication, PR. A marketing professional who does not have a piece of good knowledge of digital marketing cannot grow in his/her career.

On the contrary, a marketing expert who has attained certifications in digital media can expect significant growth in terms of both salary and designation. Digital marketing is the medium through which marketing experts can reach more and more customers and increase the sale of their products and services.

B) For sales professionals:

Sales professionals who want to change their career, digital marketing is the best option for them. Sales professionals who have done a digital marketing training course can apply for any top-level position in a company. The demand for such experts is rising in both B2B and B2C businesses. Nowadays, the number of sales professionals who are doing digital marketing courses is increasing.

C) Entrepreneurs and business owners:

The only aim of a business owner is to attract new customers. In today’s digitized world, there is no alternative way than digital marketing to promote a business. By doing digital marketing training, entrepreneurs can come to know the various ways to drive maximum traffic and how to generate many leads.

Digital marketing training also teaches how to convert prospective viewers into customers. By learning digital marketing, entrepreneurs can learn every aspect of digitization using which they can win over their competitors.

D) Job seekers or students:

Students or those who are currently looking for a job are the ones who require digital marketing training the most. It is expected that by 2020, over 20 lakh jobs in India will be generated by the digital marketing industry. Small, mid-size or large businesses are always in search of expert digital marketers.

This acts as an opportunity for both students and job seekers to build their career. If you are a graduate with knowledge in digital marketing then, you can look out for jobs in top media companies and start-ups.

The salary package of an online marketer depends on the person’s experience, skills and knowledge. There are many digital marketing jobs in portals like, and so on.

What does a digital marketing course include?

Some of the digital marketing strategies that are taught in a digital marketing course include:

1: Basics of digital marketing

2: How to use digital marketing strategy

3: Web hosting & blogging

4: Data analytics

5: Advertisement metrics

6: Data tracking & behavioural analytics

7: SEO and search engine marketing

8: Promoting and monetizing websites and mobile devices

9: Multiple marketing channels

10: Understanding sales through digital marketing

11: Email marketing

12: Google digital marketing (Double click) suite

13: Digital Advertising channels

14: Real-time advertising technology & platforms

15: Tracking and trafficking

16: Data warehouse for publishers and sellers

17: Mobile marketing

18: Integrations

19: Managing a campaign

20: Creative designing (Ads)

21: Preparing for the job market

22: Freelancing options for a digital marketer

Advantages of digital marketing course

· You can work as a freelancer who provides SEO, SMO and PPC services to clients

· You can start your own digital marketing company

· You can work as a Digital Marketer and earn huge income

· You can start your own blog or website and start earning through AdSense

· You can earn by creating your own YouTube channel

Added benefits of enrolling in a digital marketing course

o Discover the expert in you- The count of digital marketing job is increasing day by day. In the years to come, there will be an alarming rise in the number of digital marketing jobs. Planning to pursue a career in digital marketing is a wise decision. You can prepare yourselves for a role that will be in demand in the coming future.

You must trace out the skills required by the IT firms and prepare yourself accordingly. Before you start, it is necessary to keep an eye on the required expertise and skills. Taking the right step would help you find a secure job with a high salary.

o Various career options- The best thing about digital marketing is it has a wide range of profiles in it. Even leading companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter offer a wide range of career opportunities. Making a choice totally depends on the person who is planning to pursue a digital marketing career.

Every day new online marketing jobs are being discovered by enterprises and organizations. This offers an added benefit for those individuals to choose the profile whichever they want depending on their interests.

o High salary- Yes, learning digital marketing can help you get a secured job with a high salary package. As the scope of digital marketing is increasing, it affects the salary of individuals too. It has been noted that the demand and supply for digital marketing experts are proportional.

Nowadays, the demand for digital marketers is more than supply. This situation proves beneficial for employees. If you have a strong expertise and skill set, you can bargain on your salary package. SMO, PPC experts and SEO are few of the digital marketing professionals that are witnessing a hike in salary.

o Start your own career- Unlike other professions where you must complete your diploma or degree to start your career, digital marketing does not need any such prerequisites. Digital marketing provides huge career opportunities. Individuals can start blogging and focus on building a huge fan base.

They can even test their skills and knowledge by taking online test like the Google Analytics exam. After completing the test, individuals can add their certificate to their social media accounts, so that the recruiters can view their profiles and hire them.

o Flexible- The timings, as well as the work location in digital marketing, is flexible. As the entire work depends on the internet, one does not have to worry about the work location. Digital marketers can work from their homes too. The universal presence of the internet makes it simple for individuals to work from anywhere, anytime.

Now, the question that arises in everyone’s mind is from where can they do a digital marketing training course?

There are plenty of digital marketing training institutes, but never make a mistake of choosing an institute based on its course fee. Instead, choose a training institute that offers the best training courses with placement guarantee. Streamlyn Academy of Digital Marketing is one such training institute.

Why learn Digital Marketing from Streamlyn Academy

Streamlyn Academy of Digital Marketing is the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. The digital marketing course benefits offered by the institute are different from other training centers. They are known for offering the best internet marketing course in Bangalore.

Along with digital marketing training, the institute also teaches Programmatic Advertising, the future of Digital Marketing. Till date, the institute has achieved over 93% placement.