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Ways to Reap the Benefits of Manuka Honey


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Manuka Honey, which is produced in the regions of New Zealand, is known as the golden elixir for its anti-bacterial and healing properties.

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Manuka Honey is beneficial in a range of health problems like sore throat, digestive problems, infections, and gingivitis.

One of the many ways in which you can use Manuka Honey, which is being used all over the world right now, is as a face mask for moisturizing and exfoliating your skin.

For the moisturizing mask, you need to mix the honey with coconut oil. It eradicated the dryness and gives an instant glow to your face.

For the exfoliating mask, you mix the honey with olive oil and brown sugar. This mask cleans pores, soften the skin and exfoliates it.

Apart from the masks, milk with Manuka Honey is used for bathing. The honey and milk combo makes the skin supple and exfoliates it.

Also, incorporating it in your diet and reduces inflammation and nourishes new growing tissues.
It also reduces scarring.


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