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What are some dirty secrets of Anushka Shetty?


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Sweety Shetty who is known as Anushka Shetty in Indian film industry. She was born on 7 November 1981. Apart from being an amazing actress she is also known for her beauty in modelling. Anushka has been working in Telugu and Tamil movies for a long time. She has been featured in more than 50 films in the industry and is one of the highest paying actors in Tollywood and also India. 

Surely she is the most amazing actress in the industry. Surprisingly, some people are not aware of some of the dirty secrets of Anushka Shetty


Anushka Shetty's real age is 40 years but she claims herself as 39 years. 

She never wants to get married 
According to Anushka, she doesn't want to reveal her personal life, that is her marriage life. She wants to continue giving her incredible performance in the film industry because of which she is hiding her marriage life. 

Big support 
Anushka Shetty has a big connection with many politicians behind her back. 

There are many rumours about several affairs of Anushka Shetty in the film industry. It is expected that she has many affairs with actors for instance, Nagarjuna, Gopichand, Jagapathibabu etc. 

Unmarried actor 
Anushka Shetty wants to establish her image in the eyes of her fans as a proper housewife. She wants to attract the family audience in her favour because of which Anushka Shetty has decided not to get married ever. 

Zero Size 
Anushka Shetty claims that she is very lazy and doesn't like to work out at all. Anushka sho has made zero size movies. Anushka Shetty has confronted herself in one of the interviews that she doesn't workout at all and also doesn't like to do so. 

Many failed affairs
As the rumours have been spreading about Anushka Shetty's several affairs, it has been found that she never had a successful relationship, she was ditched by Gopichand and after so many affairs she tried to catch up with Prabhas but also failed to maintain one.


teacher | Posted

Anushka shetty is very agreeable in movie industry, never falters to uncover, never wavers to fulfill any chief or maker or any saint she we should anybody contact her on or off screens in the event that you take a gander at her erotica articulations she appreciates the sentiment scenes more than guys henceforth everybody in industry enjoys her as denies nothing. She is consistently accessible to all the chiefs and makers to fulfill them. (This is a flat out reality)

Here are not many dim privileged insights of Anushka Shetty

- Anushka shetty is 40 years of age yet asserts she is 38 years

- She doesn't prefer to get hitched on the grounds that she needs to do films perpetually however shrouds reality and continues saying she had a sweetheart long back which split up now and cunningly escapes by saying she would not like to uncover any subtleties on it

She has incredible lawmakers and big cheeses behind to back up her consistently and market her

She had numerous illicit relationships from industry and furthermore out of industry (nagarjuna, gopichand, jagapathibabu)

She is extremely open to open as far as possible

She stays unmarried for movies and spruces up like a housewife to pull in family crowds with the goal that she can be depicted as a nice lady and her privileged insights can be covered

She made size zero film as she is sluggish to work out and keep up appropriate character yet guarantees herself as yoga teacher(she herself told in a meeting that she doesn't care to work out, she doesn't care to cook and she said she is languid)

After size zero films she turned out to be amazingly fat and old and keeps it as a reason for the sake of devotion , neglects to lessen weight back

Continuously vfx is utilized to show 40 years anushka shetty as half of her age and weight

She got discarded by various stars like gopichand, krish at last attempted her karma with prabhas and fizzled

Nobody wedded her till now as everybody knows about her mystery issue with nagarjuna and her liberal uncovering and undertakings with big cheeses like pvp, c kalyan and so on



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