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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted on | Food-Cooking

What are some food items that you want to try at least once in your life?


Blogger | Posted on

The accompanying Indian nourishments which everybody should attempt at any rate once in a real existence time.

1. Dal Baati Choorma

Dal Baati Choorma is one of the most well known dishes from the conditions of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. It is a three out of one dish that is filled in as a mix of Dal which is normally three sorts of dal cooked together, seared baatis which are balls produced using wheat mixture and sweet churma. Include these together and is an ideal lunch during winters particularly.

In the past time, the Rajput troopers used to break the mixture and heat the batter balls in the Sun, under the sand and used to have them with curd in the wake of coming back from fight. From that point forward the dish has advanced a great deal and individuals get ready with their own terms however the real embodiment of the dish is still there.

Some like to heat the baatis and have them with a lesser measure of ghee because of wellbeing concerns. There are a ton of eateries where you can have the customary dal Baati churma particularly The Eclectia in Jaipur and there are numerous other around Delhi NCR too.


2. Dhokla

Dhokla is the completely veggie lover dish from Gujarat which is produced using aged rice hitter and split chickpeas. It is a delicacy and an exceptionally normal dish in Gujarat and they love to have it be it whenever of the day. It is even more a bite yet doesn't make a difference since it is an extremely flexible dish.

You should simply set up the hitter and cook it and afterward temper it at the end.The cooking style of the dish has advanced a great deal with time as you can cook it in a microwave also effectively, that too in practically no time. It is even suggested by dieticians since it is as rich and solid as the way of life of the state it originates from.

3. Samosa

Samosa is a seared delicacy of India which even the most wellbeing cognizant individual can't help it. It is an extremely mainstream nibble in our nation which goes very well with a hot cup of tea and we realize how adored tea is in India. It is the least demanding dish to make as it simply needs some mixture for the external part and you can top it off with bubbled potato, chickpeas and onions and so on.


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Company secretary,MBA | Posted on

The world has so much of good food that there is always something more to try. If you are a foodie then there are some foods that you should try at least once in your lifetime. I have tasted them and want to taste them again and again. Some of the best food to try are:

Tiramisu cake: If you love Italian flavours then you will love this cake. Basically it is made with coffee beans and chocolate. The taste is so spectacular that you will love to have more and more.
Goji berries: You must have had a lot of dry fruits but this is something special. This is a superfood, which is red in colour and sweet in taste. You can have them as they are or use in your cereals and desserts.
Dulce de leche: If you have a sweet tooth then get ready to indulge in one of the most fantastic recipes and best food of all times. This is a blend of chocolate mousse and cheese cakes, one bite is enough to pamper your taste buds.
Biriyani: If you are not from India then this is a must try food - biriyani. Well, this is something divine. A flavour full mix of rice with veggies if you are vegetarian and meat if you are non vegetarian.


Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on

It’s the dream of every foodie to try at least one food item from as many countries as possible. Delicacies from different parts of the world is a good way of knowing about that place’s culture, food habits, and lifestyle. It does not only enhance satisfies your taste buds but makes you more experienced in different flavors and items consumed all over.

Here are some exotic dishes that I want to try at any cost:
Ramen from Japan: The look is so inviting and tempting that one just can’t avoid having the dish. It is Chinese-style noodles served in a meat broth flavored with soy sauce or miso.
Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: japancentre.com)
Deep fried Olives from Italy: Yes, because Pasta and Pizza have already gone mainstream.
Deep fried Olives from Italy (Courtesy: theviewfromgreatisland.com)
Macarons from France: Because it’s the bestselling pastry in France.
Macarons from France: (Courtesy: amazon.com)
Chlodnik from Poland: As it is too colorful and vibrant to be a refreshing soup.
Chlodnik from Poland (Courtesy: femina.in)
Apfelstrudel from Austria: A combination of tart apple and pastry.
Apfelstrudel from Austria
(Courtesy: pintrest.com)