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What are some of the funniest incidents you have seen on a Cricket pitch?


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There are innumerable funny incidents that have happened on the cricket pitch over the years and decades.

One of my favorites is that of August 1995, a test match between England and West Indies.

Kenny Benjamin was to bowl. However, the South African umpire Cyril Mitchley forgot to give him the ball. He asked the bowler to bowl and asked the batsman to prepare.

Kenny Benjamin played along, did a run-up and pretended to throw the ball. But at the end, he spread his arm to the empire, eventually making Cyril realized that the ball was in his coat's pocket all along.

(All the players, including the batsman, were confused.)

It was a light-hearted and funny moment.

Check out the video:

And then, the country still remembers this…
(Courtesy: TopYaps)
Virat Kohli made the skid to save a boundary. Although he did succeed, in the process, his underwear got exposed. While the rest of the team stood laughing, Yuvraj Singh had the mostfun.
Another incident involves legendary umpire Dickie Bird. In a test match between England and West Indies at Old Trafford, in the middle of the match, the umpire left the field because he had to go to the toilet. He said to the players "I am very sorry, gentlemen. But nature calls". The entire stadium was left in splits.
 legendary umpire Dickie Bird
(Courtesy: Cricket Heaven)
Here are some of the other funny incidents in cricket: