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What are some successful ways to quit smoking?


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Before starting with the tips, I would like to mention that quitting smoking is more of a mental endeavor and less of a physical effort.

You need be emotionally and mentally strong to quit smoking. No NRT or medical treatment can do the wonder that your will can. Just believe in yourself and be ready for it.


Here are some tips that can be very helpful when you are to quit smoking:

Face it strongly

You have to determinant enough to say NO even when you find yourself craving for it. Strengthen your will and tell yourself that you are a non-smoker who has given up smoking long ago for good. More importantly, be proud of this fact and tell others about it as much as possible. Telling others will work psychologically to reminding yourself the same thing again and again.

Be mentally prepared

Mental and psychological preparation is the most important step. Know that you have put down that last cigarette ***** once and for all, and there is no going back. Also, this should not make you sad or depressed. Try leading a healthy life, follow a routine and keep yourself busy as much as possible. Letting you mind wander freely will make you think about it more and more and make you depressed. It’s just like your ex of which you have got rid, now what is left is just its memory which needs to be shed away.

Don’t envy smokers, pity them

When you’ll acquire this attitude, things will become a lot easier for you. Keep reminding yourself about the disadvantages of smoking and the advantages of quitting it. Try helping other friends of yours quitting it too, if possible. This will make you stronger.

• Don’t miss out on socializing

If you are perturbed about being in the company of your smoker friends and afraid craving the cigarette again, know that you are a fighter who faces his/her fears rather than escaping from them. Don’t think being solitary will help solving the problem. This will only make you weak and more resistant to socializing, which can create long term problems.

• Have behavioral support rather than NRTs

Behavioral and emotional support will do better than Nicotine Replacement Therapies which claim to be of much help. Remember that you don’t need any e-cigarette but a human support which will be with you in this as long as possible.

• Remove the products from all the places in your house

Keep your home devoid of any kind of alcoholic or tobacco product for a while. When you are alone at home and have such stuff handy, you might not be able to resist yourself thinking “just one won’t do any harm”. Don’t let yourself stuck in the vicious cycle of “just one