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What damage is caused by smoking ? How can we get rid of his addiction?


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There are literally countless direct and indirect health effects of smoking. And what more, we 're only discovering more of these effects that are actually reasoned and validated by the science.

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Smoking affects every part of our health/body… FROM respiratory, reproductive and central nervous system TO digestive, cardiovascular and integumentary system.

· It affects the air sacs in your lungs. This leads to chronic bronchitis and COPD, and also end up causing lung cancer. 

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· Smoking increases your blood pressure and the chances of blood clots. It worsens heart disease. All this significantly raise the likelihood of heart attack and death.

· It increases the chances of cancer of mouth, throat, pancreas, more. You will also develop insulin resistance, which could lead to type 2 diabetes.

· It decreases the sexual urge and performance in both women and men.

· It affects the structure of your skin, which leads to early signs of aging. It also causes hair loss, balding and graying of hair.

If you go on the micro level, there are many health effects of smoking.

There's a reason, after all, why governments and health companies around the world spend billions of $$$ to create awareness against smoking.

Now coming to the next part of your question: how to get rid of smoking addiction?

Of course, if you're really "addicted", it's not going to be easy.

The first thing you should understand is NOT to completely and radically stop smoking. Such sudden (and impulsive) measures never last. To that, it causes more problems than do good in the short-run. You find yourself frustrated, in lack of concentration, going through severe withdrawal symptoms until you're dragging joints again.

Killing your addiction (any kind) requires progressive efforts and approach.

damage-caused-by-smoke-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Yale Medicine)

For instance, if you smoke 10 times a day, reduce that number to 9, 8, 7 and less every week. By the end of 10 weeks, you will have your smoking habit significantly reduced; and even completely stopped.

This way you give your mind and body enough time to acclimatize with a big change you're working for.

So, this is the first thing you should remember when you’re trying to get rid of smoking addiction.

Aside from that, the basic tips can take you a long way. It includes…

· If cutting back on your smoking habit is too difficult, consider nicotine replacement therapy and professional help.

· Get in touch with a good doctor who can provide you the right course of action for your health.

· Take up exercising. This helps A LOT.

· Seek help and support from friends and family. The right and supporting crowd around you can take you a long way here.

damage-caused-by-smoke-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: BBC)

· Avoid any triggers that lead you to smoke. Avoid situations that get you stressed. Avoid alcohol and drugs.

· Fix your diet. Start (progressively) eating healthy food.

· Hit outdoors often. Go out and mingle with nature. Walk your dog. Sit in your local park.

These are some basic (and powerful) tips to get rid of smoking addiction.

Hope this answer helps!


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Your lungs can be severely influenced by smoking. Hacks, colds, wheezing and asthma are only the beginning. Smoking can cause deadly maladies, for example, pneumonia, emphysema and lung malignant growth. Smoking causes 84% of passings from lung malignant growth and 83% of passings from ceaseless obstructive aspiratory sickness (COPD)....