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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on | Health-beauty

What are some tips for men to grow long hair faster?


Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted on

Long hair are always in for men, and the 21st century, modern man sees long hair as an expression of radicalism and a different style statement. This makes long hair quite preferable for almost all men.

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The extent to which men embrace the style of long hair is as much as there are problems faced by men in growing these luscious locks. If we go by general opinion, men find it more difficult to grow long hair as compared to women.

Your question seems to be telling that you are a fan of long hair, so I’d share with you some tips which can be used to grow healthy, shiny, strong, and long hair.

1. Less shampoo, more conditioner.

Learn this mantra by heart and half of your distress is already solved. Long hair don’t come easy and when they come, it’s our responsibility to treat them correctly, so that their further growth can be proper. It will prevent your hair and scalp from excessive dryness and hair fall.

2. Start taking proteins

Hair do not only need care, but proper nutrients as well. Proteins, according to hair experts, is the most useful nutrient that hair need for proper growth. Incorporate eggs, chicken, fish, broccoli, and other nutrient-rich food items to enhance your hair quality and growth.

3. No regular washing

Men are anyway not very much cleanliness-oriented :P
Jokes apart, if you have a bad habit of washing your hair daily due to excessive sweating and dirt, try to minimize the practice as much as possible. Regular washing snatches the essential natural oils produced by scalp from hair and affect our hair adversely.

4. Chuck combing, if possible

Especially if you have curly locks or ringlets. It will make your hair lose their natural texture.

Even when you have straight hair, don’t comb or brush when they are wet as they are more vulnerable to hair fall at that time.

5. Use silk or satin pillow or cushions

It can be done if you are strongly adamant in growing your locks longer. It is to save your hair from extra strain.