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Dhawani Singh

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What are the 5 D-s of digital marketing?


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Digital marketing is basically a marketing strategy and the new face of marketing for products or services that use electronic gadgets. It introduced since the time when electronic devices came into our life. It is the easiest strategy by which we can target a wide range of areas with a limited cost.


Unlike traditional marketing which is generally based on billboards, pamphlets, and television ads in this digital era, consumers are relying more on technology and the internet. Most of the businesses are ranging from big to small now shifted towards digital marketing techniques.

Here we will disclose the top 5D’s of Digital marketing to understand the opportunities business have to interact with their clients for targeting the larger audience

1) Digital Devices

The below-mentioned devices normally help the brand to communicate with their target audiences constantly:

• Smartphones

• Laptops,

• Computer

• Television.

2) Digital platform

There are wide ranges of digital platforms which may be incorporated into marketing strategies to create a bridge between brands and customers.

• Google

• Facebook

• Youtube

• LinkedIn

3) Digital media

It generally refers to various kinds of paid and owned online communication media. We can use it for better engagement with audiences. Those Media are:

• email

• messages

• content marketing

• digital advertising

4) Digital Data

This is the 4th D’s of digital marketing which consists of collecting data regarding audience profiles and their engagement patterns with business. It will give us a clear idea of what our clients are looking for and the patterns of their buying decision.

5) Digital technologies

Attention is the key focus for every business. Here we have mentioned some potential tools, devices based on digital technologies which will be helpful to intrigue your clients.

• Chatbots

• Cloud computing

• Internet of Things


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