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How to become a Youtuber?


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YouTube is now one of the most used social media platforms all over the world. Many people are joining the YouTube community nowadays. YouTube pays its creators for content creation. YouTube plays ads on the creators' videos.


To become a successful Youtuber the requirements are.

1. Buy a domain name. And it can be your channel name also. What you want to name your channel buy that domain name. Especially dot in or dot com.

2. Create a YouTube channel on your domain name.
3. Install the YouTube studio app in your system.
4. Select your niche or your main aspect of showing your talent to the audience.
5. Post valid content and videos on your channel. Don't copy the content.
6. To post your videos Effectively and efficiently you need a mic, a camera, the Best laptop or computer, the best video editing, graphics, and especially the content which is the king.
7. Get 1000 subscribers and achieve 4000 hours of video time watched on your channel.
8. If you achieve the above step apply for Google Adsense to play ads on your channel and videos.
9. Once you got approved by Adsense you are ready to start your earning as a YouTuber.


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