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Rohit Valiyan

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What are the biggest ironies in India?


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There are many ironies in India.

• Only yesterday I saw Arnab Goswami and his channel ‘Republic’ leading the #IndiaVsFakeNews campaign. The irony of that!

• In our country, you can do just about anything in public from pissing to raping. But you can’t kiss someone.

(Courtesy: Feministaa)

• The liberals, elites and educated love talking about gender equality. But most of them wouldn’t join the campaigns for these people fearing getting labeled as “gay” by friends, family, and relatives.

• Our government spends more money in the advertisement of social initiatives than in that initiative itself.

• We care more about ‘Ganga ma’ than millions of Mas who live in poverty, misery, and regression.

• We care about cows’ lives more than we care about human lives.

• We talk about Patel and Ambedkar but don’t care about their teachings.

• We love hash-tagging on social media in support of women’s safety. But when we see a woman getting groped and molested in public transports, we choose to ignore (or, worse, enjoy).

• Bollywood actresses talk about feminism, equality, respect,and whatnot. And then they go on to commoditize themselves in the garb of “art” and “movie demands it”.

• Indian parents spend more on a girl’s marriage than her education.

• We hold protests against protests. (Yes, Anupam Kher, we didn’t forget!)

(Courtesy: The Indian Express)

• This is a new trend: Politicians and political parties are the new scriptwriters of movies. PM Narendra Modi, Accidental Prime Minister, Uri, Thackeray, Toilet Ek Prem Katha. Directors are already lining to make movies on the removal of Article 370.

• We say “Iss desh ka kuch nahi hoga” and then throw garbage in public.

• We have a large population of people who build homes but they are homeless themselves.

• Rape and terror accused can roam around and live in luxury in the name of constitutional rights.

• We Tweet “boycott Chinese products” products during every festival – and we tweet that from phones that are manufactured in China.

• A person gets prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award for just doing his job.

• Indians hate Pakistan. But Pakistan is one thing that also unites us.

• A person that runs over poor people and kills them gets hailed as a God. And a person who steals 500 gets jailed for a year.

• We all want infrastructural development in the country BUT would try every little trick in the book to avoid paying income tax.

• Indian men can have sex with multiple partners before marriage. But they want to marry someone who is a virgin.

• We want a corruption-free country but don’t mind bribing traffic police and government employees.

(Courtesy: Cartoq.com)

• Most of us get scared of seeing police when, in fact, we should feel safe.

• We pretend to care about our Jawans on the border. But when it came to supporting their OROP demand, we looked the other way.

• We don’t mind leaving change at the counter at big outlets and malls. But we would argue to death with the bus conductor and street hawkers for 2 rs.

• Earlier, we wanted a government who can protect our rights and wellbeing. We now happily have a government whoserights and wellbeing we fight for.

• The parents teach their (grownup) kids to not talk to strangers. But they want them to marry the strangers.

• We love bashing Gandhi for taking the decision to “divide” India – when most of us cannot even decide what to wear in the morning.

Told you, there are many ironies in India.

(Courtesy: Maps of India)