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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Food-Cooking

What are the carcinogenic (which causes cancer) food?


Blogger | Posted on

First, cancer is not some on/off switch. For example, not all lung cancer is linked to smoking (though almost all are). On the other hand, not all tobacco smokers develop lung cancer (though a larger percentage do than non-smokers).

Second, about ⅔ of cancers have no cause. They are simply random mutations in the DNA of cells (and we have over 50 trillion cells, so even if a cancer mutation is really rare, it still happens millions of times in each person). In other words, you can live in a bubble avoid anything that may (or may not) “cause” cancer, and you could still develop cancer.

Third, certain environmental issues do increase ones risk of cancer, often by just a very tiny amount, maybe 1–2 additional cases per lifetime of 10,000 people. Smoking increases the risk of cancer by 16 cases per 100 people, for example.


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Those foods which causes or which may be the reason for cancer is called carcinogenic food items.. Scientists and researchers identified eating some food may increase the chances of developing some types of auto immune diseases like cancer.

We all know cancer is a gruelling villain to fight with. It takes away energy, money, will power, happiness, self esteem, day today activities from the patients who are fighting with it. So if we know what should we eat rather what food we should avoid can cut the risk of us developing cancer by half.

Following are the carcinogenic food one should avoid in their daily life.

1. GMO -Genetically modified foods. Over production in agriculture is needed to satiate the over populated world. Scientists found the answers in GMO crops. Whenever possible avoid GMO food.

2. Processed foods. Whether it is red meat or tomatoes all the processed foods are carcinogenic .

3.Microwave popcorn - Microwave popcorn bags are coated with some chemicals, which causes cancer.

4. Artificial colors and flavors which again contains chemicals, which is carcinogenic.

5.Hydrogenated oils.

6.Alcohol . If you are drinking more than 2 drinks per day, definitely you have chance of getting cancer.

7. Over cooked or smoked foods in a micro wave or Barbeque.

8.Soda and carbonated drinks.

9. Farmed fish.

10. Processed white floor or maida. This list of carcinogenic food is not yet completed. Doctors are researching day and night to find the cause of cancer. Hope we can find the answer and cure in the coming years.


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