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Urmila Solanki

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What are the foods that shouldn-t give to babies till they turn one?


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Raising a baby isn't easy and early few years of parenthood are full of troubles for parents when it comes to choosing the right foods for their babies. It is very important for a mother to breastfeed her little baby till a year and at the same time it is equally important to introduce the solid foods to babies.

However, before you start giving these solids to your baby, you should be aware of 5 such foods that you must avoid giving to your child until they are a year old.

1. Cow Milk

Many people believe in giving cow milk to babies under the age of one as it’s rich with nutrients. However, the proteins and minerals present in cow milk are difficult for a baby to digest. So, it’s recommended that a mother should breastfeed her child until the age of one.

2. Nuts and Seeds

Small babies can not bite hard foods like nuts and seeds. It’s because a baby does not have teeth to bite or chew such foods and might swallow them and this can lead to choking or internal injuries.

3. Veggies

Kids below the age of 1 year should be fed raw veggies only if they are finely chopped because they might swallow it. You should also avoid giving your baby veggies like spinach, lettuce and collard green in any form as they have high level of nitrate, which can cause ‘Blue Baby Syndrome’ in kids.

4. Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is whitened using a lot of chemicals that can be hazardous for small babies. Apart from that if a child is fed too much of sugar, it can lead to tooth decay as well.

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5. Honey

Honey contains spores of bacteria calledClostridium botulinum, which can cause infant botulism in children under a year old.