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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | Food-Cooking

What are the most harmful foods that we eat almost every day, without knowing?


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There are a number of food items which we consume almost on a daily basis without knowing that these are harmful for our body. As a matter of fact, there are certain food items which we think are good for our health but unfortunately these foods are actually harmful for us.

Inorganic food: Inorganic or non-organic foods are produced using harmful pesticides and fertilizers which can seriously harm our body. Sometimes genetic makeup of the product is also changed to produce these food items. Many fruits and vegetables available in the market today are inorganic in nature. We buy something like apple, cabbage or lettuce thinking that these are good for our health but unfortunately most of the stuffs available in the market are not organic. Hence instead of being healthy these fruits and vegetables can harm our body. So it is advisable to buy organic food items only to ensure the so called healthy fruits and vegetables remain healthy for your body. Though organic foods are comparatively costlier but definitely better for your overall body and health.

Packaged food: Most of us consume packaged or processed food items almost on a daily basis. We buy these food items because they are very convenient to consume and can be prepared instantly. However these food items are very harmful for our body because these foods generally do not contain any nutrients and are full of harmful additives. Sweeteners, artificial flavours, artificial colourings, harmful fats and preservatives are found in huge quantities in these processes foods and these can severely harm our heart. So we should avoid the processed and packaged foods and instead buy those food items which are free from harmful preservatives.

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Besides inorganic and packaged food items, we also consume aerated drinks and sugar which are also very harmful for our body.