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What are the symptoms of a heart disease?


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Heart is one of the most important organs of body. An average human heart beats 1 lakh times in a day and 60-90 times in a minute. Heart is the main organ involved in the functionalities of our body. The stopping of heart beats results in death. There are many symptoms of heart diseases which you can look for:

• Sudden excessive pain in chest can be a symptom of heart attack. Don’t avoid your chest pains and go for diagnosis.

• Not just chest, but pain in arms, waist, neck, jaws, and stomach, can be a symptom of heart diseases.

• Breathing problems, excessive perspiration, and body getting cold suddenly are also some of the signs.


Mostly, people only about heart diseases like heart attack and heart blockage, but there are many other cardiac problems that are lesser known but very dangerous:


In this disease, heart beat becomes irregular. The heart beats get either faster or slower than normal in Arrhythmia. In this disease, the waves controlling the heart beats don’t work properly. And when your heart is not beating normally, you experience pain in limbs, neck, and other parts of body.


Atherosclerosis is a disease in which blood circulation slows down. Blood not reaching heart in sufficient amounts affects not only heart but other organs as well. Hence, this causes other diseases as well. Atherosclerosis is caused due to increase in cholesterol, decrease in insulin hormone, high blood pressure, obesity, ageing, and smoking.

Coronary Artery

It is a serious cardiac condition. It is caused due to the blood and oxygen carrying arteries getting blocked with plaque. When heart is not getting sufficient blood and other nutrients, these arteries shrink and cause coronary artery.


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