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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | Food-Cooking

What are the top 10 breakfasts in India?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

I have lived in India for my whole life, and there are several kinds of breakfasts over here that can range from region to region, but the following are the top ten breakfasts which are eaten widely all over India.



This is a food which you’ll see very common on the Indian Streets. It is basically flattened rice, with the perfect amount of spice, and will definitely give your day a perfect boost.


This is a very good source of protein, and is extremely low in calories, which is kind of the perfect thing to start off your day with.


This is basically made of Suji, that is roasted and then mixed with groundnuts. It’s a very nutritious way too start off your day, and it wouldn’t let you get hungry again anytime soon!


Dosa –Sambhar:
This is a breakfast the Indians absolutely love to eat along with coconut chutney, and again, this is very rich in protein, and will keep you full for a long time.


Aloo Paratha:
It is basically an Indian bread which is stuffed with masala, consisting of Aloo and other vegetables.


This is stuffed with masala of any kind, and then deep fried, which makes it rich in calories.


Vada Pav:
This consists of a bun, which holds a tikki made of aloo in it.


This is a fried dish, and very rich in calories as well.


Bread Omlette:
This is a protein rich breakfast for the perfect boost in the morning.



The bread is stuffed with vegetables, indeed this is a very healthy breakfast.

10 best South Indian breakfast dishes | The Times of India

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Blogger | Posted on


I was conceived in east India, brought up in north India, training from west India and my heart is from south india.

Moving from east to west and north to south ..the steady part in my excursion of life was VARIATION And ADAPTATION and I love that.

Its soo cool to think about various culture, to think about decent variety of attire and most significant differnt assortments of yummmyFOOD ( PS - You name it and I have taste everything ) from upma, parathas, oats to sheera and sandwiches, poha to assortments of pithas.

In any case, there is one breakfast which has consistently been steady and that is south indian idli, dosa and sambar ( I am selective with regards to sambar ..on the off chance that it ain't edible ( delicious is a faaar a superior word.. I will leave the table without you in any event, thinking about it ) and I was fortunate enough to taste legitimate, enticing kinds of kerala breakfast from, "Bistro idli" and thought to impart it to you individuals too ❤️

You realize sharing is mindful

So wohoooo here we goooooo

1)Idli VS Vada

Calories : 50 versus calories : 50

Carbs : 25gm versus Carbs : 60gm

Fats : 2gm versus Fats : 8gm

"The mix of idli sambar gives deduction measure of Protein and scarcely any Calories" just to tell you wellbeing cognizant human!

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