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Khushboo Gupta

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What are the top 5 chinese food ?


homemaker.blogger | Posted on

Chinese cuisine is unexpectedly rich and wide. Every region offers new menu in a distinctive style. Chinese food items are famous worldwide for its aroma, texture and taste. Here’s list of top 5 Chinese foods;

Peking duck- It is one of china’s national dishes and very popular in Beijing. It is a crispy and thin skin food item which is served with Mandarin pancakes, sweet bean soy sauce and mashed garlic. It is also known as Peking roasted duck.

Dumplings (Baozi and Jiaozi)- In India, Baozi and Jiaozi are more popular as steamed dumplings or momos. This small bite-sized round dish is stuffed with chives and mince pork, beef, chicken and vegetables. It’s actually yummy! This Chinese dish is often served as breakfast and a perfect evening snack too.

Hotpot- This food item is really appreciated by the truly Chinese cuisine fans. Hotpot is typically a Chongqing province dish, prepared in a big wok by continuously heating it. There are hundred kinds of recipes used in different places according to the sauces and flavor they choose to add. Basically, it is made with peanut butter added with smashed garlic, sesame oil, mushrooms, meat, tofu and vegetables etc. The secret of its recipe lies in the wok which is used for cooking it.

Kung pao chicken- It’s one of the top 5 dishes of Chinese cuisine and popular in abroad too. This diced chicken is loaded with dried chilli and fried peanuts giving it a spicy and crispy taste. In other countries this chicken is made using corn starch, vegetables, mashed garlic and sweet and sour sauce giving it a different taste.

Fried rice with vegetables- it’s also known as Yangzhou fried rice. This is a very simple yet popular part of Chinese cuisine. Fried rice is a main course dish made with flavorful spices and ingredients like cooked shrimps, chopped scallions, carrots, diced ham, crumbled egg and peas. All these ingredients give a flavorsome aroma and golden yellow color to the rice, making it very tempting and delicious. This Chinese dish is often served with bean curd.

The indianization of these Chinese dishes is also very interesting. A lot of restaurants and street food vendors in India serve many prominent Chinese dishes like Manchurian, choumein, spring rolls, hot and sour soup and others. Their taste and texture is delectable but a bit different from Chinese cuisine because of the ingredients used.


Student and Blogger | Posted on

My Favourite Chinese Food

1. Spring Rolls

2. Dumplings

3. Honey Chilli Potato

4. Chicken Combination Rice

5. Chicken Manchow Soup


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