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Khushboo Gupta

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Why Chinese food has gained so much popularity in India?


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Indians have one of the widest food palettes in the world. We are a multi-cuisine culture through and through. However, we also share a tendency to modify recipes to better suit our tastes. I’m positive that a majority of Indians would choose not to go close to Peking Roasted Duck or Moo Shu Pork let alone eat it. 
These two are entirely authentic Chinese delicacies yet we somehow will be hesitant trying it, if we ever did. 
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The more popular Chinese or rather Asian delicacies in India are a rechristened version of their Chinese counterparts. For instance, Steamed Momos- the dish that runs the New Delhi street food market is essentially a modified version of the dumplings. Similarly, Manchurian, Haka Noodles and Fried Rice are given the Indian tadka which makes them savoury. 
Moreover, though we Indians have a penchant for soy sauce and fiery food, we prefer Chinese food which is modified to suit our taste buds. Due to its tangy flavour, we are drawn close to satisfy our tongue. The Chinese cuisine was first rooted in Kolkata and aftermath, it spread its wings over the globe. Congee or rice porridge has also got love in Indian culture, savouring dish dipped in milk, vegetables, egg, meat or soy sauce. Chinese food is often called cheap as the substitutes are widely available without disturbing its authentic flavour. 


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