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ब्रिज गुप्ता

Optician | Posted 03 Apr, 2019 |

What can parents do about children's digital device addiction?

akash seo

Blogger | Posted 19 May, 2020

Grasp the innovation, don't battle it. Innovation will push ahead regardless. Being a Luddite parent will just assist with making your children distanced among their companions. Truth be told, the sooner the better.

Keep it healthy. Have that straightforward conversation which says no naked pics. Recount to kids frightfulness accounts of children who conveyed a naked selfie and inside 15 minutes the whole school had it.

Realize what they're doing. You ought to know about all the applications the child has just as what it's for.

Assist them with exploring their choices and guide them. Be included. In the event that an application demands the kid flexibly an age, or gracefully distinguishing subtleties, help them through those choices.

Give them thoughts to win too. Whatever the social scene is, regardless of whether it be Facebook or Snapchat, recognize what will support your child and be their partner.

Make a point to have normal social communications too. Being on a cell phone is certifiably not a full trade for up close and personal social connections. Ensure the children get along with companions also.

Mayank Gupta

@Mayank | Posted 04 Apr, 2019

Today you can find nearly one in two kids with  spectacles on his/her nose. Reason being devoting more time to TVs, Mobile phones, computers, laptops and what not. Playing in streets and parks is now a long gone tale. 

Before looking into what can parents do about this, it becomes utmost important to know what caused this. The various reasons which I feel are the causes which tied our kids to the electronic devices are:

1. School work burden: The overburden of the studies hardly let kids devote their time in learning new. Moreover the way teaching style is changing like study through ppts, online classes, online work submission, etc has made the children inclined towards electronic gadgets.

2. Less social life: Parents themselves donor have a good social life. Many of the parents belong to the working class and thus are not able to give them due time to their children and neither allow them to get socialised. Thus kids often bind themselves with the electronic means as their way of entertainment. 

There are many other reasons also. What parents can do is to add a specific time for outdoor sports into their routine. 
They shouldnot expose their kids to the electronic gadgets without any surveillance.
By giving their good time to their kids in talking, discussions and playing.
By keeping the children busy into other stuff like indulging them into their hobbies. 
Inspiring the kids to make new friends and a quality social circle. 
Keeping them busy with other work so that they don't get to spend much time over digital devices 
At last but not the least parents themselves should devote less time over electronic equipments. 

It should be learnt that If kids develop an addiction for digital devices, it would not only affect their mental health but would also hamper physical growth. Thus the exposure to such means should be tackled urgently. 

There are newspapers filled with cases of such news regarding violence spreading among children, increasing anger, irritation by the increased use of electronic means. Recently there are cases of suicides while playing games over internet. Thus parents must keep proper surveillance over their kids and shouldn't expose them to these devices. 

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Nisha Oswal

Blogger | |Updated 05 Apr, 2019

Children are getting addicted to digital gadgets? Who are responsible for it, only children? NAH !! I think many times we as a parent are also responsible for it. Do you agree these:

1. We are out for shopping and to keep children busy we normally handover our mobile or tabs to them easily, isn’t it?

2. We normally are too much into mobile and children have tendency to emulate parents, isn’t it?

3. If they are bored and disturbing us, we find mobile an easy solution to keep them away from us, isn’t?

Including above points there are also various reasons which attracts children to gadgets. Like fancy games, interesting videos , cartoons etc . So how limit or avoid children from getting addicted to this.

Primarily I think if we find things where they feel more content than the digital pleasure it helps them to keep away from digital devices .Motivate them and keep them busy in things which they should indulge in like drawing , playing , group events etc etc.

My daughter loves drawing and crafting a lot, hence we keep bringing different drawing and crafting material which she is busy in ideal time.

Plan there day to spend time in different things including digital things.

Hence a limited access to digital devices is fine but make a schedule for it. For our daughter we have 1 hour limit to access digital devices to watch creative ideas and or to listen favourite music and too late evening after studies.

I personally feel that digital devices should not be a complete NO for them but they should use it as it also adds some or other value and fun to them. So let our children have real as well as the digital fun :)