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Jessy Chandra

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What changes Donald Trump should make in Guns law to prevent violence at school in USA?


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It’s quite and evident— control the number of guns in USA. What happened recently in Parkland School, as aching as it is, is becoming more and more common in USA. Did you know, in 2015, there were 372 mass shootings in USA that killed 475 people and wounded nearly 2,000 people?

Or here’s another horrifying fact: there are more number of guns in USA than humans.

The debate of gun control in United States is very critical, with Second Amendment to the US Constitution giving citizens the right to own guns. Donald Trump has never been in view of controlling the number of guns in the country. In fact, after Parkland School Shooting, he is planning to arm teachers at school so that they can prevent such attacks. Imagine how sickening it is that, a place where kids are to make themselves a better future, teachers are roaming around with guns and rifles.

There’s a section of politicians in USA, including President Trump himself, who are lobbyist to National Rifle Association. NRA funds their campaigns and pours money into their political careers—in return they get support from these politicians that help them increase the number of guns in the country and make big money.

In reality, to counter increased number of shootings in just schools but everywhere, President Donald Trump should take a stand against NRA and take measures to control guns in the country. But, unsurprisingly, he would do just the opposite (he’s already doing it!). The Republicans will contend to increase the number of guns even further so that when such attacks emerge, the bystanders can take a stand and shoot the shooter. Sad!


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