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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What do you predict India in coming years under BJP rule?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

This second term of Modi government was a long time coming. Everyone knew that. The next term, the third one, is a dream. They won’t come back to power. So, it makes the situation quite a bit dodgy.

It's like a do-or-die situation for the BJP, RSS and other proxy Hindutva outfits to bring about their fundamental dreams into reality, which is turning India into a Hindu Rashtra.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Sanjeevni Today)

In the next 5 years, the Ram Janbhoomi topic would make big splashes in the mainstream. There would be a lot of polarization due to this. And a lot would depend on the Supreme Court of India (and our common sense to remain calm).

Talking about polarization, a lot would happen that would segregate communities, creative toxic divisions and, overall, create an undemocratic social structure in the country. The infringes like Romeo Squad and Gau Rakshaks would be more empowered and vandal.

There would be a handful of incidences like Alwar and Dadri mob lynchings which would mirror the tyranny of extreme Hindu nationalists. But then such incidences would also be hushed under the rug with Hindu-Muslim and Pakistan propaganda.

lok-sabha-election-2019-results-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Money Control)

Talking about hushing under the rug, a lot of important facts and topics would be hushed away from people's attention. The 95 percent sold out media wouldn’t talk about farmers, unemployment, hunger, the real problems of Chowkidaars, the problems of teachers on contracts, the problems of bank employees, the bad healthcare infrastructure, poor quality education.

The voice of thousands and lakhs of protestors would be hushed.

The division in left and right would go on extreme ends.

lok-sabha-election-2019-results-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: India TV News)

News channels and newspapers would marginalize groups after groups until the white Hindu nationalists remain.

There would be multiple communal riots.

All the worries and problems would be carpeted under "our GDP has grown" and Mr. Modi waving like a rockstar to an arranged crowd of NRIs.

And, oh, in the next five years, PM Narendra Modi would give serious traveling goals to all. He would do a lot of Mann Ki Baat. But he wouldn’t listen to others' Mann Ki Baat. He, along with his party members, would lie a lot.

The Whatsapp university would see more number of dedicated students.

The business will be high for the likes of Republic TV and Zee News. The voices that dare to ask questions, like NDTV and The Quint, would be raided.

lok-sabha-election-2019-results-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Money Control)

The poor people would end up becoming just a misleading number. "We have risen 10 million people from poverty". BUT on the ground, the reality would be a lot different.

The dreams would end up becoming just misleading numbers and rhetoric. "We have provided all Indian villages the access to electricity"; "we have provided employment to millions of youths". BUT on the ground, the reality would be awful different.

In the next five years, there would be constant fear and paranoia of communal problems, reckless economic measures and too much of fake news. Important machineries of the system, be it the courts, banks, or election commission -- they would all be compromised with political agendas.

If you think this was all bad, in the next five years, under BJP-RSS-Ambani rule, it's going to get a lot worse. And it might not be an exaggeration to say that this might be the very crucial term for the entire country. We might end up being a democracy just for the namesake.

P.S. Oh, Congress and Rahul Gandhi would become an even bigger laughing stock.