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What made other parties lose the election?


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But then ironically those reasons aren’t clear.

It’s baffling to see this pro-incumbency wave, with Modi coming back in power with likely more seats than it did in 2014. Also, you must keep an eye on the vote % with which BJP wins this time. In 2014, it was just 31 percent. Today, it’s nearly 50 percent.

So, one can also say that other parties didn’t necessarily lose. It is BJP who won.

Modi was expected to form back the government. But with this margin, no one knew and expected.

Letsdiskuss  (Courtesy: Hindustan Times) 

But to answer your questions, here are some of the reasons why other parties lost so bad this Lok Sabha election:

· The nationalist agenda took the center stage. BJP poured all its energy and resources over the past 5 years in bringing nationalism in the mainstream. And it did that successfully. This Lok Sabha result is an outcome of that. Voters voted for a nationalist party.

· This narrative was created that voting for Modi is voting for the country. Voters bought this. And they voted for the country.

· Social issues like unemployment, poor healthcare infrastructure, poor education, farmers plight – these are NO more election issues. They have been sneakily removed under the nose of the voters. They have been replaced by a man, the jumlas and Hindu-Muslim propaganda.

· Manmohan Singh was the prime minister of the country for 10 years. There was this general idea among voters that even Narendra Modi should be given the same time.

That line has been crossed. In the aftershock of silent and disastrous Manmohan Singh rule, the nation desperately wanted a strong leader. It ended up embracing an autocrat. For the majority, this doesn’t seem like a problem because half of them have no clue about the ills of totalitarianism; and the remaining half, well, they want Mandir wahi.

 (Courtesy: Rajya Sabha TV)

It’s a pity for all political parties to fail this disastrously this Lok Sabha election. Although a part of shame must also go to the voters – I mean they chose Pragya Singh Thakur for crying out loud. Clearly, in India, there are no silent voters. They are idiot voters. But then the biggest blame must, of course, go to the oppositions for not creating an alternative.

(Courtesy: The Hans India)

Congress must die. TMC best doesn’t become a national party; it shares the same cloth as BJP after all. Nitish Kumar could have been a strong opposition leader. But he’s sold to BJP. What remains now as a strong, decisive leader is Chandrababu Naidu. If not him, the country desperately needs a fresh face that, away from hatred, brings tilt to libertarian values that promise secularism and equal rights to all.

 (Courtesy: India Today)

Hope this answers your question.


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