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Satindra Chauhan

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What is Facebook marketplace, how it is works ?


Facebook marketplace is a new service of social networking site Facebook. It's built right into the app on your phone, so you can buy and sell without having to leave Facebook.

The app has two tabs. The first tab lets you browse items that are being sold nearby or by people who have visited your area on Facebook, the second tab lets you search for something specific. You can filter by category, location, price range and distance from your current location.


Facebook marketplace also features payment choices including PayPal and Venmo, as well as an option to find items near you for free if they are valued at 100$ or less..

When you find something you like, click it. You can then message the person selling it, or visit Facebook to make a purchase.

Facebook App in India in 2013, Facebook has updated its Marketplace in India in 2014 after adding in Bangladesh in 2012 and Pakistan before that.

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As of September 2018, the app had five million listings with more than 600 billion potential deals across 190 countries on Facebook Marketplace.

The application is available for iOS devices with both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Despite being launched 6 years ago, Facebook has not yet released their marketplace into every country of the world.

Facebook Marketplace is an app that lets people buy and sell things, just like Craigslist or eBay. Unlike those sites, though, you can do it all from your phone.

It’s easy to use Marketplace on Facebook: go to the app and tap “Browse” for things nearby or “Shopping” for other categories. Tap the post you want to buy something from, then choose “Send Message Seller” (or tap “Message Seller” if they're a friend). When sending a message, be polite and mention the item listing title in your message. If you want to buy, be concise and assertive: tell the seller what you’re looking for and whether it’s for personal or resale use.

With most items, sellers can choose between a fixed price and “Buy It Now.” If you want to buy, just select “Buy It Now” and your payment will be made immediately. If you're buying something with a fixed price, talk to the seller about specific questions before agreeing on a price. You can also search for items with specific keywords.

Once you've found something you like, review the item listing on the app page and buy if everything looks good to you. Then, you'll get a notification with the seller's information so you can contact them to buy or sell.

You can also sell items on the Marketplace. Just go to the app on Facebook, tap “Browse” at the bottom, then “Selling” at the top right. You can’t set up an online store on Marketplace—all your posts will just be listed in one place. To start posting your items for sale, tap “Post an Item” and follow the steps to list your item for sale.


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Facebook Marketplace is the platform from where you can buy and sell products directly from vendors. It is a very good platform for local vendors. Before Facebook market place people use Facebook groups for this purpose.