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What is Sade Sati of Saturn and its effects?


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Today, most of the people are so scared by the term sade-sati, even if they do not know what it actually is. Before understanding how this period of sade-sati effects our life, lets know what it is. The period of sade-sati starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the moon sign of the natal chart of the native. The sade-sati will continue while Saturn transits over the moon sign and the sign ahead of moon sign. Saturn spends around 2.5 years in each sign and to cross these three sign it takes 7.5 years and thus the name sade-sati.

Saturn is the karaka for hard work, discipline, old age and authority who does not entertain impropriety, indiscipline and irregularity. Yes, it is true that Saturn is a tough taskmaster, but there is more to this stern approach of the planet. Equality and justice are two of the most important qualities that Saturn stands out for. How the native has lived the life up till that point decides the impact of Saturn transit on their life. If the person has been disciplined and worked hard, then sade-sati will give rewards to the native. Sade-sati’s heaviest challenge during this time, and how the native deals with it, decides the tone for the coming years.
Sade-sati is divided into three phases called the rising, peak and setting and the results of sade-sati varies as per the phase native is going through. The impact of sade-sati is supposed to be felt differently by people of different moon signs. It is said that people of moon sign aquarius do not have any ill effects from sade-sati and natives who have Saturn as a yog karak in their chart. The results basically depends on many aspects in the chart.
The sade-sati is not a period of retribution or pure hardships as many perceive it, but instead a phase to redeem yourself and to refine your core personality, while learning to be more responsible.


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Sade Sati is the period in Hindu astrology when Saturn makes a transit through the zodiac sign of Scorpio. It occurs once every 28 years and lasts for 18 months.

It is believed that bad luck is brought by this Sade Sati and it also brings adversities of all sorts, such as accidents, violence, deprivation, illness or loss. However, during this time one’s wealth can increase considerably. There are many ways to decrease the negative effects of Sade Sati according to Hindu astrologers and religious texts. Constantly chanting Hare Rama Hare Krishna or wearing Rudraksha beads are some forms of protection that can be used against bad luck during this period.



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Lord Shiva assigned different works to his disciples. He asked Saturn for right justice or punishment to people who were sinners. Saturn has the power to turn a king into a beggar and a beggar into a king. Even Raja Harish Chandra, Bhagwan Sri Ram and Pandava’s and many more could not save themselves from the effect of Saturn the planet of Justice.

Sade Sati means 7. 1/2 Years (Seven and half year of Saturn) of Saturn which we calculate from “present planetary positions” (Gochar), from your Birth Zodiac Sign (Moon Sign)

The Sade sati starts when Saturn enter to any zodiac sign, immediately next Zodiac signs sade sati starts like if Saturn entered in the Leo Zodiac Sign that means Virgo Zodiac signs Sade Sati start from very 1st day.

Saturn (Shani) always affects 3 Zodiac Signs (Rashies) at the time Saturn affects 1. Where he is sitting, 2. Last Zodiac Sign (Rashi) from his placement 3. Next Zodiac Sign (Rashi) from his placement, because Saturn stays 2. ½ years in 1 zodiac sign so it means its takes 7. ½ years to complete all 3 Zodiac signs. Sade Sati is divided into three phases called Rising, Peak and Setting and the results of Sade Sati varies as per the placement of Saturn where he is sitting.


1sr cycle, When Saturn placed 1 Zodiac sign before so close relatives may be affected more than the native. In 2nd cycle when Saturn is placed on your Zodiac sign so, domestic front may be affected. In 3rd cycle when Saturn is placed next to Zodiac sign so, health, physical suffering or even death if warranted by Dasa & Bukty.


There are many remedies are available in our Vadic Astrology books to reduce the effect of Saturn Sade Sati by Donating Black Things on Saturday, Through Tree Astrology concepts, through Gems and Stones, Rudraksh and Yantras, never abuse low category people

Saturn also affects 4th and 8th zodiac signs from his present placement and that is called Dhaiya means 2 ½ years of Saturn.

Do rights things to maintain your Karma

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