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What is the best Indian desserts?


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Gajar Ka Halwa.
Aam Shrikhand.
Kaju ki Barfi.
Shahi Tukda.
Gulab Jamun.


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It is the toughest question of the century. Indians are born with a sweet tongue. We Indians can not live even for a day without a sweet dish. And every state and every city is famous for one or another sweet dish. If we hear a name of a city, we will co-relate with the sweet that is famous in that city. Like Mysore with Mysore Pak, Agra with Petta, Mathura with Peda, Tirupati with laddu, etc.

North India and West Bengal are famous for a variety of sweets. Gulab jamun, Gajar ka halwa, jalebi, laddu are some of the north Indian sweets.

Bengal is famous for milk and chenna based sweets like rasagulla, Sandesh, ras malai, etc.

South India can provide payasam, which is like kheer, Mysore-Pak, and coconut burfi and so on.

In the west, Maharashtra is famous for srikand and Gujarati besan burfi is mouth-watering.

I can only do one thing. I will make a list of the top 10 deserts of India. You can choose your favourite one.

1. Gulab jamoon.
2. Gajar ka halwa
3. Rasagulla
4. Mothi chur ki laddu
5. Kheer
6. Jalebi
7. Mysorepak
8. Peda
9. Kaju katli

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