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Harry Enfrow

blogger | Posted 27 Aug, 2019 |

what is the best site for providing information about latest technology news?

vikas G

Digital marketing executive | Posted 05 Feb, 2020

he is the website that I will follow for the latest technology news.

Accelures-Technology news | Business news | Advertising news

Digital Signature Mart

entrepreneur | Posted 07 Sep, 2019

I understand your question you want to provide latest technology  news and finding the best site for this. according to me and my sources the best sites for for tech news are 

1. Techcrunch.com

2. TheNextWeb.com

3. Wired.com

4. Tech2.com

5. Gizmodo.com

6. Mashable.com

7. TheVerge.com

8. DigitalTrends.com

     All these sites are best for technology news. you can try on all these sites. All the best for your future.

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Yash Digital

Blogger, Marketing Executive | Posted 07 Sep, 2019

Hello There

As the world is upgrading itself day-by-day with the new, powerful and informational technologies, people are much conscious about its impact and utilization in the coming future. People more often are interested in knowing much more about it. They want to stay updated with all the emerging technologies.

In order to keep in touch with the updations in this technology era, people often look for sources to keep themselves updated with all new trending technologies features.

Press Release Power is such website which provides all sources of updations related to the technologies transformations.

Prreeti Radhika Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted 30 Aug, 2019

I am not sure if I understand the question correctly.

You want to provide latest technology news?

As in, you want to write for a website on latest tech news?

You want to guest blog? You want to freelance? You want to find a writing job in a website/company where you can write on latest tech news?

I wish the question was clearer.

(Courtesy: UTEP.edu)

But assuming you want to provide/contribute the latest technology news on different websites, there are MANY sites that accept such contribution – some of them even pay the contributor/writer.

Some of the top sites are:

· Tech Crunch

· Mashable

· Forbes

· Engadget

· Wired

· Business Insider

· The Verge

· The Next Web

These are some of the world’s top websites, and they all accept guest posts. But, of course, their guidelines are too stringent. They are VERY, VERY selective in picking a guest article.

So, unless you have extensive guest blogging experience and a good portfolio, while you sure can apply to post on these sites, there’s a good chance that your article won’t get selected. Sorry to sound discouraging but that’s the truth.

(Courtesy: Twitter)

Coming to sites that accept guest contribution and are more likely to accept your articles…

· Tech Vibes

· TechEngage

· Tech Patio

· Technically Easy

· Boomer Tech Talk

· Geek Estate Blog

· Tech Arrival

· DragDropr

· Gigaom

· Addictive Tips

· IAmWire

· iTechCode

· The Wonder of Tech

These are some of the websites where you can contribute or provide the latest technology news as a guest blogger. (Of course, there exist plenty more such sites/blogs.)

Go through their submission guidelines closely and carefully. Understand their terms. Make sure they fit your needs and preferences. And then pitch them your idea or submit your draft.

In case, if any of these sites don’t have “write for us” “submit” or “contribute” page, do not hesitate to approach their editors via email and ask them if they accept guest posts. Many of them would be happy to accept your posts if you’re providing high-value in your article.

Hope this answer helps.