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Sher Singh

Social Activist | Posted | Education

What is the difference between India and Pakistan?


Blogger | Posted

The difference like Mercedez (India) & Bullock cart (Pakistan).

There is no comparison between India & Pakistan. India is far better than Pakistan in every views.

Literary wise, economy-wise, army strength-wise, etc.

Pakistan will never get ahead from India except Terrorism


Entrepreneur | Posted

This reminds of “Aisa Desh Hai Mera” song from Veer Zaara…

The song, in one part, underlines how both the countries are nearly the same.

And rightly so! Prior to 1947, India and Pakistan were one country. Splitting a piece of land won’t change the people, would it?!

But that said, away from the rhetoric, in reality, India and Pakistan are very different.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Maps of India)

Both countries have their own unique culture, issues, visions, and history.

For the starters, India has done incredibly well in maintaining its democratic structure till now. Pakistan, on the other hand, although called democracy is dominated by martial law. It’s a secret to none that despite a democratically elected government in power, its military flexes more muscles. Few can forget Pervez Musharraf topping the government of Nawaz Sharif in 1999. Although things have improved for them a bit, the military still has the biggest say. Many analysts believe Imran Khan’s victory and coming to power had a lot to do with Pak military’s will. In fact, just last year, Economic Times published an article around how the Pakistani military has retained dominant influence in Imran Khan’s rule. Read the article here.

(Courtesy: NBM Travel)

Indian political system has virtually no intervention from the military. Our forces do their job without any political motivation and agenda.

This is perhaps one of the most fundamental differences between India and Pakistan.

Aside from this, India has Hindus in the majority and Pakistan has Muslims in the majority. This has played a big difference in the culture of both countries. With Islamic laws more regressive, Pakistan’s culture is very conservative. While Indian culture isn’t outstandingly liberal, it does trade better.

India has a very diverse and rich culture, Pakistan doesn’t.

(Courtesy: Pinterest)

People in India deal with their own poison of Hindutva, people in Pakistan have to deal with Islam.

India comes as better in infrastructure.

The healthcare, education and so many different things are much, much better in India than Pakistan.

The threat of terrorism looks high on Pakistan owing to its weak and easily manipulatable political structure, India is relatively safer from terrorism.

(Courtesy: Memphis Tour)

In nearly every department, per real data, India trades better than Pakistan. But this isn’t me razzing anyone. This doesn’t mean one country is better than the other.

As I mentioned, both the countries have their own challenges in development and progress. Both deal with their own social, political and economic problems.

(Courtesy: Culture Trip)

If you get into more details, you will find many differences between India and Pakistan – in foods, family rules, approach to life and more. You can even get to a head-to-head comparison of Narendra Modi and Imran Khan. We can compare the political parties. We can compare the development and issues of both countries side-by-side. But that would become too long – and even irrelevant.

(Courtesy: Thestar)

I am not sure in what context did you ask the difference between India and Pakistan

But in the end, the world is one single place. We’re the same people who want a better life, peace and some happiness. In that context, India and Pakistan and the rest of the world are the same – and I like the sound of it. 


blogger | Posted

There is a popular practice in Pakistan called "Bachcha Baazi" in which some men, together with boys under fifteen years of age, are in bed.

These boys make girls wear clothes and make them wear make-up and when they get excited, they break like animals.

Not only this, when the children become stubborn, the little boys of their own relatives or their own relatives rape them.
There is a Pakistani city called Shahrag where there is a coal mine where thousands of laborers work.

People working in the mine all day, mixed with the soot of coal, dig the child laborers of these mines at night.

It is not that this happens only in Pakistan but it may happen in our country too, but the people of India will consider it a crime and send the guilty to jail.

Since this mischief in Pakistan is gladly acceptable in the public, therefore no one raises a voice against it.

(courtesy : google)

But now there are people standing against this evil practice and hope that it will end soon.


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